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Formula & vomiting with every feed Lock Rss

My DD is 6 months and is vomiting with every feed, she holds down her solids but its just her formula she cant. I have seen a Ped who tested for allergies and Lacotose but all ok, we have tired S26 Gold, S26 AR, Soy and now Karicare Im at my wits end and dont know what else to do have booked to see another Ped but cant get in for 3 weeks. Has anyone else had this problem and what formula did you use I have looked at the Bellamys Organic but not sure weather to change again.
Is it causing her pain? It might be reflux

According to my CHN there are 3 types of reflux;

"The happy chuckers"- They vomit but causes them no pain, its just annoying for the parents
"The unhappy chuckers"- They vomit and it causes them pain (normally will be put on reflux formula/meds)
"Silent Reflux"- This is the worst but your baby wont have this because she is vomiting. With silent reflux they don't vomit but they are in a LOT of pain.

My DD started out with The happy chucker at 6 weeks and by the time she was 5 months she was up to Silent Reflux

When she was a happy chucker, I just put her on NAN HA with karicare food thickener then changed her over to Karicare HA AR

My DD1 was a "Happy Chucker".
She was on S26 GOLD and no one ever told me until she was a year old, that the S26 GOLD is sometimes too "rich" for their little bellys.

With DD2 we have her on S26 and she is a little bit spewy, but not much.

Have you tried changing to a slower teat. This was what we were told to try first...

Good Luck!

Inno the pead told u otherwise but my first thing i thought of was allergies cuz thats what was happening to my lil man and he's allergic to cows milk.

The formula we first tried was NAN HA that was what our pead recommended to us (before we knew about the allergies) also maybe try adding a thickner to it, it can't hurt.

My daughter had silent reflux az wel as a lactose intolerance... the only formula that would work before we found out about the lactose thing was karicare HA-AR. waz a pain because you cant get it many places. you could ask your local supermarket to get it in or you could ask your local pharmacy if all else fails you can ring Biolab & ask them to courier it to you. If you dont want to buy a whole tin & then find out it doesnt work try ringing the Nutricia hotline & tell them that Karicare HA-Ar has been recommended & ask them for a sample! Good Luck!! It does get better
Hi Natalie, My 3month old will only keep Karicare AR down.I started with s26 gold,nan gold, normal karicare and he would spew afterwards.I tried s26 AR and didnt work, only the karicare AR seems to stay down for him.
Cheapest place to buy it is at chemist wharehouse or toys'r'us,both places sell it for around $18.

Hi my son is a Happy Chucker, he was using the s-26 newborn but recently changed to s-26 for babys with relux its a ricker formula so that u dont have to add thickner or anything you can buy it from wollys or coles or evan big w and them places its only $22 so its not to dear and it works a treat for our bub it doesnt get rid of all spewing but helps alot. I hope that can help its in a peachy colour tin.
Hi Natalie,

If you get an answer - would you let me know?? We are having the same problem with DD8months and it looked like we had hit gold when she started on Karicare DeLact a month ago but once again she is projectile vomiting her formula.

We, like you, have tried everything - she started on Heinz Gold swapped to plain Heinz, then to S26 plain and Karicare plain. Swapped again to Karicare AR HA which was great for about a month then the projectile vomits again. Swapped to Goats Milk and again it was working until the month mark.

I have made an appointment to see the doctor about getting a referal to a ped - i just dont know what to do for the poor little bugger - she is quiet happy at present (has been on Zantac since she was a month old)and doesnt get too upset when she does vomit.

Oh and i have been swapping formulas with the advice of the doctor as she is gaining weight so that is not an issue just the fact she chucks

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This sounds like de ja vu.I am having the exact same probs with my 6 month old DD.Although we haven't seen a pead yet.I have tried about 5 diff formulas and she chucks on all of them.Because she is still gaining weight they aren't overly concerned.I too am at my wits end and have been researching Bellamy's formula.I have given her her 1st bottle of it today and she seemed to like it.My sis has her boy on it and praises it highly. I hope it will work for you too.
Good luck with it all.
Thank you all for your replies, she does have reflux and has been on Losec which didnt really help at all I have stopped using it as I forgot a couple of time and the vomiting seems to be a bit better, she now has a terrible cold so not going to change until she is over it.
Just wanted to let you know that the Bellamy's is going great,she is still a little spewy but not too bad.Her bowels have also returned to normal.
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