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2mth old constipated Lock Rss

I have a 2and a half month old who has been on formula for a week. S26 Gold. my son didnt open his bowels for 3 days, i had to use a saposetry, and still he doesnt open his bowels unless i use a medicated syrup that i put in the milk, i asked the doctor if it was from the milk, he had no clue... which left me irritated and annoyed.

im at my wits end, not knowing which formula is best suited for him, he tends to throw up alot, is alwasy constipated and has wind, at times he screams till his blue in the face with discomfort.

he has colic ive been told, so he has alot of wind, when he opens his bowels, its with great difficulty and its quite solid.

this all started when he was put on formula as i could no longer breastfeed. i need help.. which formula should i try to help my son open his bowels daily and cause less discomfort


Hey Chilli

Sorry to hear that your bubs is having trouble. Unfortunately, f/feeding tends to clog up our babes. S26 though, is renowned for it. I would suggest trying another one, N** or K******.

Hope everything works out for you.

Hi Cilli I'm a mum of 5 and although i havent experienced this (mine all have the opposite problem due to lactose intollerance) my friend experienced this with her daughter and the only formula that didnt constipate her was heinz gold
or you could try either adding some extra water to each bottle (10-20 mls) or giving boiled water between feeds. My 6 month old had alot of problems with colic at around the same age as your baby and we found plain old gripe water from the supermarket worked wonders (though i'm told it doesnt work for everyone) i wish i had of tried it with my first 4 babies. Jassie got slmost instant relief and would then settle and go off to sleep (she also has lactose intollerance, and is allergic to soy and dairy protien which means i have had to eliminate all this from my diet. some times i have something that i dont know contains this and the gets quite upset and gripe water will usually help)
its surely worth a try and good luck.
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