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my seven month old daughter has been fully breast fed up until now and i am trying to introduce one cup of formula a day but she will not have a bar of it!! as soon as one drop lands on her tounge it is like she has been poisoned!! we have tears,tantrums and in the end we are both so worked up i end up just giving her breast... i have even tried letting her go for 5 hours then mum trying and giving it to her and same thing all over!!! please help!! i do not want 2 be breast feeding a 10 year old!!! lol!! (she is also on 3 solid meals a day)

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Is there any chance you could express your milk for her bottled feeds! And once shes taking just bottles maybe she'll be old enough to go onto full cows milk!

I know the doctors and midwives say 12 mths but how many ppl truly honestly have their kids on formula or breast until 12 mths!
I started my daughter on cows milk at 10 mths and watered it down for a few weeks and now at 12mths she has full cows milk bottles!

Just remember to only give her full fat milk!

And maybe it would help to have someone else give her the bottles even if it is breast milk!

Hope thats a bit of a help!

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Just wondering if you've tried expressing your milk and mixing it with formula? I did this with my first child, the first bottle, we gave her mostly breastmilk, and slowly started reducing the breastmilk percentage until it was all formula...she took it that way, and it didn't take her long to get used to it either. I know mixing sounds like a wierd idea, but it worked fine for us.
I've also heard that it can be easier if you get someone else to feed the baby for you for awhile, then they can't smell you and see that they're getting the wrong stuff, but seeing as your baby is 7months, that might not work too well anyway!
Hope this helps,
I know how you feel. We have been trying since Breanna was about a month old to feed from a bottle with no luck. She is now seven months old and still wont take from a bottle or cup. I have tried breast milk, formula, water, every teat and cup possible and other people feeding her. She will eat her solid food but will not drink anything unless it is from me. She still wants a breast feed every 2-3 hours even during the night so I am becoming very tired. I know I havent helped you at all but good luck with it all, just keep on persisting hopefully we can get there in the end.

Hi Rebecca,
Have you tried different types of formula, they say that they all taste and smell different, maybe she does'nt like the one your feeding her, just a thought, good luck with it all.

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If you are trying with a bottle, maybe the teat is a problem? My 2 were exactly the same in the fact that they hated the silicone teats, but with latex teats I had no problems whatsoever.

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Yes well speaking of that yummy_mummy.. I was reading my baby book the other day and Mum had me on cows milk at 6mths old!
Things haven't changed, just people opinions!!

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At about 6 months I tried to introduce formula. Not to stop BF but just to help with the days I worked (I was very over expressing). It took 6 weeks. Tried about 5 diff formulas, teets, cups, straws etc. When my mum babysat one of my work days she tried formula or nothing (sounds cruel but had been recommened by clinic nurse and friends). When I got home 9 hours later he was not even upset. He seemed to be happier with nothing than formula. eventually with mixed 1/2 ebm & formula. At first he was reluctant but at least drank it. Over 3 weeks we reduced the ebm & one day he took just formula no problem. Unfortunately over the next 5-6 weeks he started to wean himself in favour of the formula but we it least made it to 8 months.

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hi i have three children my youngest being 8 month. if your daughter isnt into formula dont stress try giving her cows milk introduce slowly small amounts and wait three days to see if she has a reaction if not all will be well from there.
good luck.
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