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tommee tippee closer to nature? Rss

Has anyone tried the tomme tippe closer to nature bottles/teats?
I am trying to find a bpa free bottle. I have heaps of avent ones but am not happy that they are not bpa free.
I think the closer to nature ones are but am not certain.
I want a bottle/teat that will be as close to breast feeding as possible as I am wanting to continue breastfeeding but also use expressed breast milk in a bottle when I go back to work or go out.
Any thoughts?

You could try MAM. Apparently their teats are designed to be breast like and they are BPA free and they come apart top and bottom, which makes them so easy to clean. Having said that some people say that they are too hard to put back together. I have been so happy with them and would get them again if I needed to, and DH loves them and he is hard to please!
Yep I have them and love them. I was breast feeding and expressing so that hubby could feed as well. They are probably the closest I have seen to breasts. I would recommend them
My DS used the Closer to Nature bottles originally and after the BPA issue received heaps of attention we swapped to MAM bottles which are bpa free.
Any bottle that is clear and see through is not BPA free. That's why BPA-free bottles are kinda cloudy looking or colored.

Hey,sorry if I'm repeating, didn't read other posts.
We use tommee tippee close to nature bottles and our little girl loves them, they're amazing and were extremely happy with our choice smile

tommee tippee closer to nature come in bpa free ones now too, just make sure you don't get the old stock the bpa free ones have a pink sticker saying BPA FREE. you can tell wether a bottle or cup is bpa it will have PC or 7 on it somewhere. . .
man its stressful all this bottle and formula stuff i dont want to start my baby to have any formula but im getting wayyy too anorexic looking!
[Edited on 04/08/2009]

Beck I use the Closer to Nature ones for Ebony and she really likes them. We had the avent ones and she wouldn't take to them at all.

Jo smile
WE use closer to nature when he takes expressed milk. If you are wooried about BPA the box will have the pink sticker on the front saying BPA free. Some closer to nature stock is older and does not have the sticker on it
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