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HELP!!! Breast Feeding But won't take EBM in Bottle Lock Rss


My 4Mth old is exclusively BF and we are both enjoying the experience. I was unable to BF my 2 yr old son so I am not sure on how to approach the below problem.

I have been trying to give my 4 mth old EBM in a bottle as both my husband and I are in a bridal party in 2 weeks and he is being left with his grandparents. All he does in scream. We have tried 5 different teats/bottles and my husband is the one that has been trying to give it to him so that he can't smell the milk on me. I have spoken to my community nurse who said that because it is just for one day and I am not weaning him not to push the point and to try to take him with us but I was looking forward to having a day on our own. Any suggestions as to what we could do to get him to take the bottle???
hi connorsmum. I express my milk and feed bubs ebm bottled during the day because it is easier for me and only feed him on the breast at night time. Does your baby open his mouth really wide to take it??? My baby does and i find i have to put hte bottle teat all the way in so he can latch onto it.. like the breast and then when he is latched on i pull the teat out to the correct feeding point. Once he really starts suking it doesnt bother him when the teat is pulled back out. Hope this helps.

Karina, S.A, mum to Kaleb born 25/07/04

Hi Connorsmum,

I can certainly understanding your feelings and experience.. I have four children my youngest being only 6 and half months and I am also having the joy of trying to put him on the bottle. I have used many different bottles and I have found by experience that the Avent bottle has worked a treat... Anyway my husband the other week tried again to give EBM via the bottle to my son. He first played with it, giving it a good old chew for 4-5 minutes, had a bit of scream and carry on then the next thing we new down went 150mls.. Hooray ! !
All I can suggest is to percieve with it....
I'm still enjoying breastfeeding with now the occasional bottle..

Hope things work out for you

Julianne, mum of 3 princes and 1 princess

Oh I forgot to mention I love your sons name my second boy is named Conor also and his a great kid.

Thought that was interesting

Julianne, mum of 3 princes and 1 princess

Hi all,

Thanks for your reply. We are still having trouble with the milk but he is now taking small amounts of water (10ml). He is also starting to fuss at the breast so I don't know if he is starting to wean himself. Any ideas?

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