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Swine Flu Vaccine and breastfeeding Lock Rss

Hi all!!

I've posted this in the newborn area also.. just wondering what everyones thoughts are on the new Swine Flu vaccine and breastfeeding?

I know they have said to get it if you are pregnant, but is it ok to have while breastfeeding?? Has anyone heard?

What is everyones thoughts? I know you can get the regular flu shot, which I have gotten while pregnant and breastfeeding my other children, just not sure about this one as I haven't heard a thing!

I got mine done last week. The doctor thought it was fine but got the nurse to phone someone to check. I don't know any other info though I'm afraid.
we are still waiting for the vaccine to become available in our area, however, I'm undecided whether or not to get it.

I have found a lot of disturbing information relating to the vaccine so i'm going to quizz my dr next time we go.

...for anyone who's interested, I started a thread in General Discussions regarding the swine flu vaccine (it was only last week - so it shouldn't be too far back in the thread list)

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