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Help treating nipple Thrush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock Rss

I have had an exstreamly sore breast for over a month now have tried nilstat just rubbing on my nipple went to breast feeding consultant at hospital today and she said to use Daktaran cream on my nipples and the gel in DD mouth but when i went to chemist he refused to sell me this as he said it is not recomended for babies please explained to him that i already tried nilstat he said it did not work because bub was not treated as well so have to give it to bub and rub on my nipple so am trying this but bub is spitting most of this out. Please if anyone has some advive as the pain is becoming unbearable.


I think nilstat takes a few days to kick in? Have you tried giving it to bubs right before she feeds when she is most hungry? I've recently had to give my baby antibiotics and the only way I could get her to take it was have her in the breastfeeding position, and put it in just before she fed with her head tiled back a bit so it doesn't run straight back out again.

I'd use the cream on your nipples, but just wash it off before you feed bubs and then give her the nilstat also.

I hope it all clears up for you soon!
The chemist don't like to give the daktarin (sp?) gel to babies under the age of six months due to a choking hazard. My DS had oral thrush at 4 months and we went through three bottles of nilstat and they did diddly squat. So the chemist finally gave me the gel, worked a treat. Maybe you could try to get a prescription for the gel from your doctor. Or try a different chemist. I think the the nilstat might work on adults where they can wash it around their mouths but try getting a baby to do that. The gel is definitely the best for treating thrush in babies.
I so feel your pain. I just managed to get rid of thrush after suffering for 5wks! It's sooo painful and it's made my milk supply drop off so much my baby stopped gaining weight. It's been a nightmare for us.

Anyway, we tried 3 bottles of Nilstat and it did absolutely nothing. I tried getting a chemist to give me Daktarin too because I knew I'd used it for my DS when he was a baby and I couldn't find one to sell it to me. So I went to my Dr thinking I could get a prescription and he said just lie to the chemist, say it's for an older child. It worked within days and we finally got rid of it. I wish I'd been more persistant with the chemist and got it earlier and my supply might have been ok.

The Dr said just to measure out the 1/4 tspn and apply it on your finger in really small amounts, rubbing all over their gums, tongue and inside their lips.

I hope you get rid of it soon.

Thankyou to everyone went to another chemist today and they did not say a word hopefuly it will start to feel better soon.

Oh how I feel your pain. I had a nightmare of a time with breast thrush. In the end I had 7 diflucan 1 tablets used daktaren for over 2 months and also had nilstain tablets for 10 days plus treated DD with Daktarin gel. My recommendation to you is to have a look on the Melbournes Womens Hospital website they give the recommended treatment for breast thrush there and in fact if you live in Melbourne try and get an appointment there it's free the meds are cheaper and they are fantastic. Best of luck.
HI, my bub had thrush from birth and the nilstat did not work either.My GP reccommend darktarin and although it says not reccommeded for under 6 months, the chemist looked it up for me and said it was just a caution and fine to use. I am pleased to say it worked.(I am bottle feeding though, so not sure about nipples, but I hope it works, as it does not sound pleasant.

Carolyn, mum to Mason

Looking back in that time when i had the same problem, we all go through it! my nipples were bleeding.

The baby may not be sucking right. what you gotta do is also go back to your breast feeding technique, (how well is the baby sucking, how much of the breast is your baby grasping and is the babies shape of the mouth area sitting right in the breast holding position), this u can actually learn from the hospital specialist in breast feeding, please my advice is to head there and tune in to one of their sessions, its quick and easy and makes u feel comfortable speaking to someone who is educated in the area of breast feeding knowING wats right inside and out.

my second advice as i had the same problem would be, knowing that breast feeding is best for babies as the milk has everything, Try expressing your milk. Since ur baby is quite young, just get a little tube serringe thingy that you get with medinces or the pharmacy, i got it in the hospital coz i tried that technique at that time when my breasts starting bleeding from the pain you get it in the beginning its always sore.

Anways u get the needle thingy, sqeeze you breasts till the milk comes out and adjust the needle thingy to store the milk. Try that or just express in the bottle by just squeezing your milk with your hands or a breast pump until your nipples restore in healing.

During that time of expressing heal around ur nipple with ur breast milk as you tried earlier and give it a bit of a rest from your baby sucking. And dont stop though, continue when ever you can and when you feel comfortable and released from pain. As it takes time to adjust to breat feeding. Make sure when your baby grasps your nipple, u push the whole of your brast around the nipple and every where into the mouth as much as you can as the milk comes from all around the area of the nipple aswell.
Better and bigger grasps = less pain.

Take it as advice give from the specialist in the hospital who taught me how to breast feed.

Your comfort is important too but remember, dont give up ladies coz it takes time and once that month or two is ove ( your baby may catch on earlier!! ), im sure it will be fine. The baby is still learning how to grasp and catch on but with your help as a mother in pushing that nipple whole area in when breast feeding at a comfortable time in ur pace, it will surely make a differance. Takes time. But hey, we all did it! it gets much more easier in time... like u dont even know that there sucking... !

Goodluck... Remember step by step. Use each advice as a guideline and this advice as a breastfeeding technique. pain relief can be helped not only by cream and medicine but as highly recommended, by your technique as well as a mother and as breastfeeding guidence.

Your doing well already trying to bear the pain. It will all be over in time. Patience leads to perfection.

Goodluck. Hope my advice helps.

Kind Regards,
[Edited on 05/10/2009]
[Edited on 05/10/2009]
I had thrush with both my children but both were totally different experiences. I was told to eat more yoghurt as they contain both Lactobacillus acidophillus and Bifidus. You can take capsules to increase your levels or i'm not quite sure of the brand but it does come in a powder form which you can mix up and place on your nipples and bubs can suck that off whilst having a feed and it is totally safe. If you like you could give that a go but i hope you get it sorted soon. Good luck!!!!!!
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