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Mess 4 JenniT Formula overseas Lock Rss

I'm not sure why but there was no reply link for your message?

I can't help you with what formula is available overseas but if your DS is going to be 11 months old other than taking a few tins with you and then just using cows milk (I know the recommended age is 12months but it wasn't that long ago that that was changed).
Another alternative is to just try your luck when you get there. Being 11 months old I don't think it will be much of a problem giving him a new brand of formula (given that he has probably digested most things now and has a more matured digestive sytem).

I'm deffinately no expert on the matter but it's just what I would be doing.

Good idea to do this Aimee, as I would have responded to Jenni's question.
All of the formula we buy is owned by big multi-nationals..Heinz or s26 is Wyeth, Nan is Nestle, so you should be able to find the formula you use or at least formula made by the same company..maybe they have to use different names in different countries... Also ALL formula has to meet WHO guide lines in formulations, so all that is different with your basic formulas is the taste and smell. ( ok there may be small variations in vit and mins, but not enough to make a difference.)
I also agree Aimee, if it is too much hassel then use a bit of cows milk.
I mean I was fed Sunshine milk from 8 mths of age, which is powdered milk cause I was raised in Whoop Whoop, and I turned out kinda normal!!!!


Thanks for your help everyone


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