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Itchy rash on breasts after feeding Lock Rss

Hi everyone. For some reason around 6 weeks after my baby's birth I started getting an itchy rash on my breasts (not on nipple) during or after feeding. It ends up becoming welts. I don't get eczema or have other skin complaints. It's not thrush either. At first I thought I had been bitten by an insect. It's not the bras I wear or laundry powder, nor do I think it is food related.I went to the dr and she can't work it out and recommended I use dermaid, which does help the itch - but it comes back. I was just wondering if anybody else has experienced this or has any advice. I am really lost with what to do or try?
I get itchy bits too! They sadly are stretchmarks sad
My son isn't feeding so much during the night so I've been waking up rock hard and they don't like it.
Have you got some good moisturiser or oil to rub onto them? It will help with the itching.

I did, was a pain in the arse and unfortunately not really alot you can do. I reckon it has to do with how hot and sweaty that area can get, though none of my attempts to keep it dry helped. It seemed to come and go randomly, appearing before disappearing again as quickly as it arrived. I think I once had it for about 3 months straight, but it's gone now, no sign of the bumps ever having been there and my last bout was probably when DS2 was about 12 months old.

So that's probably not helped, but I do know what you mean and I've been through it. It didn't seem to affect him feeding so I just learned to ignore the itch.

I have a similar problem, but im pretty sure its not a rash, I think its because when Im feeding my DS he like to "massage" my breast or flail his arms at it, and his little nails scratch me slightly. I get big welts from it at times and little red dots which itch until they disappear about 30mins later. Does your baby flail about alot? Maybe your having the same thing as me?
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