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how much to feed 4.5 month old 5 or 6 feeds Lock Rss

HI guys

my boy is 4.5 month old and is currently drinking between 190 to 220 mls per feed 5 times a day .
plus some solids 2 times a day

is this ok or should he be having a sixth feed or what

I rang the MCH hot line and got some grumpy nurse she said i was over feeding him and then when i said he had severe re flux and only used to eat 120 ml she said ah well he must be doing a catch up then,

Can some one pls help me with ruffley what they should be drinking is it worke don there weight?

Thansk heaps Kirsten

kirsten vic

Hi kristen
It all sounds ok to me as when my son was 4-5 months old (now 9 mths) he was having 5 bottles of 200mls per day and also solids feeds too - much like your son.
As my son started to eat more solid feeds my child health nurse recommended that i drop one of his bottles.
As long as you think that your son is getting enough from what he has in a day then he shouldn't need another bottle.
If you think he does need more maybe you could try to give him some more solids, rather than a bottle.
I'm not sure if it goes by weight but I know there is a rough guide on the formula tins too.
Just a few suggestions for you - you could also talk to your child health nurse or gp too
hope it helps

Rachel, QLD mum of Zaki 21 months

hi there kirsten.honestly if ur bub isnt thirsty he wont drink he will turn away he obviously is thirsty so if u r comfortable just keep doin wot u r doin.dont listen to that grumpy nurse 5 bottles is fine 4 his age.ur doing a great job bub will soon let u know if he wants more or less.take care.
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