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Waaaay Past Expiry Date Lock Rss

Help! Please don't think I'm a bad mum, I'm just new to formula feeding and I've been so focussed on getting the measurements of water/formula exactly right that I forgot to do something really really important!! Check the expiry date.

I made up DD's bottle this morning and when i come to use it there were floaties in the bottom. So I chucked it out and made up another one but it did the same. I've just swapped from S26 formula to NAN Gold so I didn't think anything of it, I thought it was just a thicker formula.

Does anyone know if babies can get sick from out of date formula? She didn't drink much at all as soon as she first tasted it she refused any more. I can't believe I could be so stupid not to think to check the expiry. You'll never believe it but it was NOVEMBER 2005!!!!

I haven't got my proof of purchase docket but I'm going to take it back anyway and make them check the other tins on the shelf.

Rachel, WA, Isabella 15/10/05

hi, you are not a bad mum at all. come to think of it, ive never checked the exp date on my DS formula tins! i feel terrible now!!!!! if your DD didnt drink much, i doubt she will get sick, but keep an eye on her. if all else fails with the refund, ring the company and complain that a retailer is selling out of code products. they should be able to refund your money or replace the tin

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile


you are not a bad mum! At least you noticed the floaties. I always try to make a habit of checking the expiry date when buying products. Even so, some products I've bought such as baby rice cereal are lumpy, even though they haven't expired yet!

To teach is to learn twice

Hi Rachel,
If it makes you feel any better my DS was given my "proform" formula by mistake. It's a high protein "body builder" formula, I was using it to try and boost my milk supply. Apparently he drank the lot without hesitation!!!
Luckily to no ill effect.
I now leave the bottles already made up for Nanna!!!

The Nan tins i have are 2008 also so maybe it wasn't a popular brand at your store and there wasn't enough turn over (I hope they were extremely apologetic!).

I often find "floaties" if I don't shake enough so it obviously disolves differently to S26 (hopefully that makes you feel better about the floaties as I doubt the well sealed tins actually expire when the date says - it's more of a guideline - you just have to look at the SPC/Ardmona factory sales to see how many products can be used past their "best before" date).

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