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My DD has been bottle feed since 5 weeks and now is 13 weeks old and she has a noisy suck when she's drinking. I have tried all types of teats/bottles but nothing really makes a difference.Was referred to a speech pathologist from the community health nurse & the speech lady said she has a high palate.Anyone out there who's bub has a noisy suck and know of any differnet teats that help???
I am using an avent teat at the moment no 2 flow as she seems to like it better and feed better on it. When she drinks at her dreamfeed she hardly makes a noise..strange...
Hi Tezza13,

My 3 were all breastfed in the first few months and they were all really noisy, like slurp kind of noises. I never even thought it was a problem, just thought they were noisy. When they went onto the bottle i think they were a bit quiter.

I use the pigeon teats they are really soft and apparently mould to the mouth (but about $6 each - so maybe try one)

Hi karen my daughter is breastfeed and ever since she has been born she has always been a noisy sucker and other times my daughter doesnt make a noise and I use to think that was wired but I think its just my daughter and how she sucks.

I when I ask my doctor about Jaye's sucking and she said its normal for a baby to make noise when having a feed cause they a comfortable and safe in your arms but she never said speech pathologist to me about it.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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