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awake all night Lock Rss

My little angel is awake all night long.
he sleeps on and off in between sucks on the boob.
i am wondering if he would be better on formula.
i already give him one comp feed before bed at around 9pm.
i thought he may have been teething so i gave himparacetamol and that made no difference at all .
PLEASE ANY ADVICE??????????????
his DOB is 5.12.05

Vicky,NSW, 5.12.05

There has been no medical proof that formula fed babies sleep longer than breastfed babies.

As breastmilk is made for our bubs is is digested a lot quicker, the cows milk in formula is a lot harder to digest, so it sits in their tummys for longer.
Babies are designed to feed frequently, it helps with their develpoment and their growth.
Feeding frequently at night time also keeps your fertility at bay!!! You have a free contraceptive!

He might be about to do some more growing, in a big burst, so often frequent feeding is actually bubs increasing your supply to meet his needs over the next few months as he gets bigger.

There is plenty of information on the ABA website in regards to wakeful babies and frequent feeders.

A breastfeeding counsellor would also be a good person to talk to, they don't just help with breastfeeding, they offer advice on all aspects of parenting. You can find contact numbers on the website or check your local phone book.

Hope this helps.

Rebekah, baby Lachlan born 24/8/05

Is this a normal thing he has always done or just recently?

I would go and have a visit with the CHN before you make too many major changes while I am a bottle feeding mum, I would hate for you to give up breastfeeding and find that it has no effect on your bubs sleep habits at night.

It could just be a growth spurt, getting a cold, teething, or he has got himself in a pattern of the night waking and wakes out of habit.

Have you tried to resettle him without the breast or bottle when he wakes? I have found that if I try to resettle without feeding, she will generally go back to sleep but if I feed her then the next couple of nights she may wake expecting the same thing.

What is he like thru the day? I am guessing that he is feeding well and is generally content all round and doubt it may be a feeding issue.

I bet you are a bit sleep deprived you poor bugger!!

As for the panadol.. there isnt too much else you can give him if it is teething as he is under the 6mths age required for Nurafen. Have you tried some Bonjella? If they are moving around under his gumbs this may help you. My bub was born a month before yours and got her 1st tooth as she turned 5 mths so it may be a fair possibility.

Good luck.. hope he sleeps for you soon.

Sounds like he is snacking and catnapping and perhaps doesnt realsie yet that day time is for eating and night time is for sleeping. Believe me I have been here sad . The best advice I can suggest is to call the 24 hour child health help line because they can explain this in great detail and it really helped me get my head around what my little guy was doing and how I could help teach him the difference smile Give them a call they are great, I call almost every week about one thing or another. Let me know how you go...x

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