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Should I drop a bottle at 10 months ? Lock Rss

Hi All,

I've listed this thread here before but my little DS (10 and half months) got sick so things didn't work out. I'm a little lost when it comes to dropping bottles. DS has four at the moment, roughly:
5-6am - 150ml
8.30am - 210ml
1pm - 210ml
6.45pm - 240ml
He is well and truly getting enough milk. He hasn't got a big appetite and his eating habits change every day. Generally, he'll eat small amounts. Some days a good, some days he's not interested so I try to just go with the flow (however hard that can be at times).
I need some advice about if I should drop a bottle ? which bottle should I drop ? or should I let him decided naturally ? Mostly I'm interested in hearing how others went with this.
My biggest fear is that he will rely on the milk, and not eat enough solids. I've progressively dropped the amount in the early am bottle, but not sure if this is the best.
Sorry if this is being repetitive, but I'd appreciate the feedback and your experiences.


lea, fnq

Hi Lea,

We have gradually been dropping Brayden's bottles. He was having 4 when he was weaned from breast to bottle at 6 months old. At 9 months old, I think we dropped it to 3 bottles... we dropped the afternoon bottle and replaced it with afternoon tea - biscuit or fruit. So, we had him on an early morning bottle, late morning bottle and a night bottle. At 11 months old, we dropped it down to 2 bottles and now he has an early morning bottle and night bottle before bed... and he has morning tea - yoghurt and afternoon tea.

We have found that it works well for us and he is fine. He really loves his evening bottle so it might take us a bit longer to be weaned from formula to cows milk completely... but we are happy as we are currently working on weaning that first bottle to sippy cup and doing a mix of formula and cows milk and eventually to just cows milk. That last bottle he has before bed is something that helps him sleep through and so we will keep that going for a little while I think.

Sorry for raving on and on... haha.

Hope this helps in some way. I always think that every baby/toddler is different so do what is best for baby and you/family!

Bye for now.

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