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breastfeeding bottle feeding. who cares! Lock Rss

i've just started coming to see the threads in here and i am kinda shocked to be honest. everyone whinges about being looked down at for bottle feeding, but i breastfed my 2yrold(till 9months, she self weaned) and i am now breastfeeding my almost 6month old and we get looked down at for feeding in public. but at the end of the day why care?!
i for one will not stop breastfeeding my babies for anyone and i will continue to feed in public. everyone has opinions but do you think the people who look down at you care about what they say hours later?! no i dont think so.
being a parent is full of challenges and if someone having a go at you for the way that you feed your own baby affects you then you need to toughen up.
you do what you feel is right. thats the bottom line. stuff everyone else!
as long as you look after your kids everyone elses opinions should just go over your head.
Hi Shezi

Its not nice to have people look down on you for whatever you do for your babies because we all like to think that we are doing the right thing for the baby and of course we all are. You're right though in that I think that we can choose to let negative attitudes affect us and make us feel guilty or whatever or we can get on with doing what we do best which is looking after our baby. If you've made the decision to breast feed or bottlefeed or whatever else then as long as you have had all the information available to you and have made an informed decision then other peoples attitudes really shouldn't come into it.
hi there Shezi
thanks for the wake up call, your absolutly right, i do need to toughen up! im b/f dd3 atm shes 3 months i b/f dd2 for 12 months and dd1 for 2 months and it seems like the older i get the harder i find it to handle comments , what the? i thought i was supposed to get "tougher" not weaker! smile
thanks again you have really struck a chord with me!

Charlie 5, Imee 3, Laura 13mths, and ttc #4!

heyas i didn't mean to sound so "b*tchy" when i wrote that... wasn't having the best day.. sorry if it seemed too harsh i just hate it that us mums can allow people to make us feel bad. you have to realise you are doing the best you can possibly do.
you and your baby are the most important people. just remember that.
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