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Breast feeding a 1 year old Lock Rss

I was wondering when others who are still feeding thier bubs are planning to wean. I am not in any hurry, quite like the two feeds I give DD (morning and night). I suppose I was curious if she will keep doing it, as long as I offer it - or if at some point she just wont want it any-more.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

hi kazi,
i am planning to wean my dd at around 24mths.
i hope that she will feed until then because the who recommend feeding for then, so i believe she will get the most health benefits from that. i also know from previous bubbas that i will probably have had enough around then too!

my 1st fed until about 2.5yrs and that was when i had had enough, the second got 2 yrs because i wanted to be fair and let her also have 2yrs, unfortunatley i fell pregnant while feeding her so i planned weaning her, rather than just going with the flow. (although i would've continued if i felt she needed to, i decided i'd prefer not to tandem feed)

some babies do just gradually ewean over time and some may need some gentle encouragement.
i have tried various things for weaning. the gradual cutting out feeds, shortenning feeds(like you can have ten sucks), distracting with fancy cups straws or special big girl foods. and the good ole don't offer don't refuse. also getting up early and dressed into non breastfeeding clothes, not letting her see me naked so she doesn't be reminded helps too.
as that second birthday approaches i make a bit of a fuss of how big they are and growing up- i don't talk negatively about what babies doie breastfeed but rather stress all the new things that she can do.

ithink i've heard you say that you have had some bad experience with the breastfeeding association, i have always found them a great resource for all this information. you could try their discussion forum rather than the telephone counsellors, or give the phone another go, maybe you'll get someone different?
it's so great to hear of someone who is enjoying their breastfeeding relationship. i hope you continue to for as long as you and bub so desire smile

mum of 3 girls

I breast fed my liitle man, (2 feeds, morning and night) until he was 15mths, he self weaned. He got a throat, and 2 ear infections at the same time and couldn't suck. So it was all over and done with in a week. I didn't want to start feeding again after a week off.

hey kazi
my youngest is only 3 months but i plan on breastfeeding her till she self weans be it 12 months or 2 years or even longer! whenever shes ready! i weaned my middle girl at 12months and its one of the few regrets i have i dont even know why i did it, i think it was just what i thought was the done thing!
as for your little one im sure that at some point she wont want it anymore, i mean she willprobably get married at some point, and i dont think mums are welcome on honeymoons!! lol sorry couldnt help myself!
i had read another post of yours where you were considering weaning a couple of months ago? (is that right?) congratulations for persisting (besides all the other reasons, its so much easier then sterilizing etc!)

Charlie 5, Imee 3, Laura 13mths, and ttc #4!

Hi Kazi im planning to wean Jaye off the breast when she is 12 months old but dont think she will like it cause she loves it to much and I think its up to the mum when she want to finish breastfeeding their babys, I would love to have Jaye off the breast but if that doesnt work I will wait til she is 16 months old than if I have to .

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

I brestfeed my first son till he was 2, gave up because i was pregnant. No.2 will probably be a 12 months...if i can hang out that long.

Sal, two mischief boys 4yrs & 16 mth's

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