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Reflux & Breastfeeding Lock Rss

My DD is almost 4 months old and has all the symptoms of silent relflux - arching her back, unlatching, and relatching, rumbling stomach, and red in the face when her tummy is making noises, and she hasn't put on any weight in the past 2 weeks BUT has grown 5cm longer??!! She is fully breastfed.

Has anyone got any suggestions on how i can help my little princess? Has anyone had this experience? And what did you do? It is getting really hard. I have a specialist appointment next week for her with a Paediatrician.

Can anyone help me!!!

And also, if people have had this experience and hence used formula, which formula did u use and how did it help?? I've heard about Thickners?? Do these help?? I would love to keep breastfeeding but if i can't, i would be happy to put her on formula as i want my baby to be happy!

Thanks all. Any info would be mostly appreciated.

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

Hi Anna-Lisse,

I was lucky enough to get my DS to a paediatrician with his silent reflux when he was almost 3wks. He was showing a lot of the signs, so the paed asked me to watch him for a couple of weeks to see if it got any worse. During this time he suggested giving 2mls of Mylanta every 20 minutes if needed. If the Mylanta assisted, it was likely he definitely had reflux. I took him back 2 weeks later and he was put onto Losec. I think we were really lucky to catch him so early as now that he is up to 13wks he is showing signs of quite severe reflux - but thanks to the Losec he doesn't experience the pain of the acid in his throat.

In addition to the Mylanta, some of the things that were suggested included: raising the head end of the bassinette - I used phone books but you could also just use a towel under the mattress. Also keep bubs upright for 20mins or so after a feed - this helps keep the milk down in the stomach. When you feed try to feed with bub as upright as possible - kind of in a sitting position.

There is no real need to change your daughter's diet - as she is so close to starting solids etc and usually reflux settles down once bubs is at an age when they can start sitting up more on their own. Talk to your paed before you make any decisions.

Hope this is useful to you!
My 20 week old baby boy has reflux. He is a 'happy chucker' as far as we know it doesn't hurt him.

He chucks a lot.... dr said he has reflux + +.

I breast fed him until about 16 weeks. His weight gains were very poor (well below the required range)

Dr suggested I try gaviscon (u can buy it over the counter) after a feed. But I didn't find this helped.

I started doing a few formula feeds with Karicare AR and noticed that he kept it down a lot better. So I gradually weaned him and he is now fully bottle fed. He still chucks, but not so bad and he is doing great weight gains. He also seemed happier on formula, BUT it was also at a time where he was getting older and happier so it might be a coincidence. We tried another brand, but this seemed better.

That is my experience. I hope your specialist can help! Good luck. They say it gets better at 6 months. So hopefully I only have a month of it left.

Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

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