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Hi Ladies,
I have recently found out I am pregnant and have started researching things we need to buy. I am stuck as to what steriliser to buy.
Do I opt for the Milton Starter Kit or a Microwave Kit or an Electronic One? I am going to breastfeed, but I will be returning to work after 12 weeks, so bub will need to be bottle feed, which will hopefully be expressed milk.
Any pros/cons would be great aswell as recommendations.

Thanks in advance ladies


I have an electric one which I love, I BF so don't need it all that often but when I do it's so easy!
I found the microwave one to be super easy, Or the Tommee Tippee self sterilising bottles they are super easy too and you dont need a unit you just wash the bottles in soapy water rinse add a small amount of liquid to the bottle teat in upside down lid resting ontop and zap.
Cheers Ness

If you ever smelt that Milton's stuff you'd never put your baby's bottles in it, yuck chlorine. I used a microwave one, not as exepnsive as an electric one and still excellent. I BF so barely needed it but had the Avent one for babies 1,2 and 3 so great value at $50.
I used the avent microwave steriliser, 2 minutes on high and its done! absolutely loved it, just packed it back in the box and ready to go for when the next one comes along.
I used the tommee tippee microwave steriliser and the avent electric one. By using both, I could make up bottles once a day, and not have to worry about it again. I would just grab one out of the fridge when I needed it. I HATED doing bottles LOL. Thanks goodness that stage is over!

3 girls are enough...the shop is now shut!

I dont use any anymore. I did with my DS1 but they are telling you thats its not nessery anymore...

I just wash in warm soapy water rinse with boiled water and store upside down in a container to air dry....

Of course though when new borns i always dip the dummy in boiled water if dropped on teh ground ect.... but i dont go over board with it all...

And DS2 is 6 months and FINE!! grin

I absolutely LOVE my microwave steriliser. Quick and easy and does the job brilliantly.

I sterilise bottles til 12 months, then don't bother about it. As soon as DD1 starting going up to trees and giving them big sloppy kisses I figured she could handle bottles that were just washed in warm soapy water lol.
I used a Tommee Tippee electric one with DD1 and i'm using the Avent microwave one at the moment. With both girls i've expressed a lot and i've never had any problems with either sterilisers.
I used the Avent Micorwave Steriliser and will be using it again! Its fantastic. 2 mins on high and then i put the whole thing straight into the fridge! Best way to keep them sterilised!! I put dummies in there too.

I used the tommee tippee electic one with both children and a cheap one from target that ws quick and easy when we went away i could just pop it into the microwave and then into the fridge.
I just used the dishwasher. Things are too hot to touch when it finishes, so I figure that's going to be hot enough to kill any nasties.
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