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baby won't take bottle - help! Lock Rss

My baby is now 19 weeks old and has been soley breastfed. I was advised by a community nurse not to give her a bottle until after 6 weeks as it may have interfered with breastfeeding. When my daughter was 7 weeks I tried the bottle but she refused it and has continued to do so. This is becoming frustrating as I can't leave her with anyone or return to work. I have recently tried an 'avent' magic cup for 3 months and up but am having little success. I have researched books and have been consistent in trying the bottle and cup but am at a loss. Does anyone have any advice that may help?
my son wouldn't take the bottle either. I also tried an 'avent' cup & found that because it was a 'non-spill' cup the mechanism in top made it hard for him to get the water/milk etc out. So, I removed this until he had the idea that he had to "suck" to get the liquid out. Once he had the idea I replaced the 'non spill' mechanism & he is now happily drinking from his cup & very proud of himself also!!

Hope this helps.

Nome, QLD, 4yr old girl, 9 mth old boy.

Hi Kj,
I've read in some baby books (Baby Love is a wonderful book) that some breastfed babies just won't drink out of a bottle as they are so different to the breast. It was suggested in this book if having problems go directly onto a cup, but at 5 months she may wear more than she drinks.

As you will start introducing solids at 6 months of age, the breastfeeding will wean abit and she may be more inclined to accept a bottle if she is really hungry then.

Hope this thought helps, if you ever want someone to talk to my email is [email protected]

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

Hi KJ,
My little boy was so hungry he grabbed the bottle and put it in his mouth himself the first time it was offered and he was 4 months at the time. We were very lucky. At 6 months old now he is almost holding it by himself (the water bottle he does hold himself and loves to do it). A friend of mine had this problem and she used to start her baby on the breast and then slip the bottle teat into the side of her baby's mouth and then pull out the breast and he would keep sucking. It took a while but it did work. I have heard trying different teats might work. Some feel better or more real than others. Does he use a dummy? You could try to find a teat the same as her dummy and she might be happy to suck that. Maybe expresssing a little milk or squeezing a little formula out onto the teat and rubbing it onto the teat might help too. I'm sorry I can't be of any more help. I hope these help.
Thanks for the advice everyone!. I'm continuuing with the avent bottle and although she isn't sucking on the spout she will drink the milk that drips into her mouth (i removed the anit-spill system). Hopefully in a few weeks she will get the idea. I've now started her on rice cereal which is going really well and means things are not so desperate if I need to leave her with someone for a while.
HI KJ! I know exactly where you are coming from. I also followed advice not to give my daughter a bottle before 6 weeks and as a result my now 10 month old daughter has never taken to the bottle. I too found this very stressful as I had to return to work and spent many breaks racing off to breastfeed. The only way we could get her to drink anything was from a cup/glass and she would lap up the milk like a cat!!! This is still continuing and she has just learnt to drink from a straw, which is making life a little easier. Although she has never taken more than 30mls from anything other than my breast - don't feel like your child is the only one....The main reason why I am still breastfeeding after 10 mths is because she takes little other fluid, but with the transition to solids it does get easier. I have 15 different types of drinking cups in my cupboard and not one of them has been used with any success. A jam jar has been more successful!!! Keep trying..I can fully understand your frustration but look at the positives - at least we will never have to wean our children from the bottle as well as the breast. If you are really worried when leaving her they can always spoon feed her, that usually works, although is time consuming..
Stick with it and let me know how you go...
[email protected]

Sarah-Jane, Tas

Thanks sj,
It was very comforting reading your response! I am returning to work next year but am hoping to pick up a few days casual work from mid - October but it all depends on my little darling and how much she will drink from a cup. I am beginning to feel pressured. However, she will take about 30ml at the moment and I am attepting to slowly increase the amounts. I will let you know if this works...
Thanks again.
hi kj you are not the only one!!!! My beautiful 20 week old will not take a bottle for anything or anyone. We tried all the different teat shapes, different formulas from the cheapest to the most expensive all to no avail. I have tried a cup from which she will drink water from but not formula. So just like you I have had enough and can find no helpful advice on what to do. One good hint was to smear the teat with pureed apple etc. it might work for you but it is possible our little darlings are the boss from this early age. Good luck and hopefully you will get the tips you need from somewhere out there!

jasmine,S.A. 2girls

Hi all,
my beautiful 7 month old boy is also refusing the bottle, he seems to far prefer the breast (what boy doesn't!). Like you guys I have tried different teats and formulas etc and have had some success with diluted prune juice and the tommee tipee ortho teat. Having said that he is taking about a quarter of the bottle but hasn't emptied it yet.
Unfortunately, I don't have much to add but wanted to say thanks to everyone for adding their bit, it makes a huge difference to know that I'm not doing something wrong and I think Jazz you are right - our little darlings are the bosses already!

NSW, DS 31 Jan 2003, DD 15 Aug 2006

My son who is six months old also does not like the bottle, but besides all the other suggestions here, I have also found that he tends to have more of a go at it if my husband tries him with the bottle because as young as they are, they tend to know that you have something better on offer for them that daddy doesn't (if you know what I mean!!). So maybe let someone else try with the bottle and you get out of sight and see how you go...

Carina, Tas.

Hi All,
I had the same problem with my 4mth old boy. He used to suck ok on the bottle, but spit out the formula. I was advised by a child health nurse to go 'cold turkey' with him for 2 days straight, i.e complete formula feeding & no topping up on breastmilk (only water), after trying a bottle each day for about 3 weeks. I spent a couple of days with my Mum who fed him the bottle. She distracted him by singing to him and he took 100mls each feed!! I stayed out of sight while she fed him. He still fussed and carried on, but Mum persisted with him. I did still breastfeed him-but only the first feed in the morning and the last feed at night. He now takes 2 bottles a day, and is taking almost all of the 200mls of formula. I used the tommee tippee ortho teat which was the same shape as his dummy, and sometimes while feeding (when he was spitting out the formula) slip in the dummy for a few seconds and then switch back. He also seems to take the formula sucessfully from everyone else but me. (he still tries to search for the breast, while I'm feeding him)
I can now go back to work part time, very relieved.
Hi all,

My beautiful girl also would not take the bottle. We were advised not to try until breastfeeding was well established - about 8 weeks. Tried every day for about a month and then a couple of times a week until about 6 months. It was very frustrating. I could not be away from her for more than a few hours at a time...

Then at 8 months, she was refusing the breast and we were both getting very annoyed at each other... I dumped her on the ground, made her a bottle of formula and she drank the lot! I don't know what happened. I also have a cupboard full of every brand bottle, teat and cup and she drinks out of the original Avent.

She is now totally weaned and I have some sort of a life back. It is very nice to sleep on my tummy again and not to have to wear maternity bras!!!

Summer, VIC, 7month old daughter (Eden)

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