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Did you Breast Feed? Why or why not? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

long winded... sorry in advance! Stop reading now if you don't have time! lol. And hopefully I am able to properly explain why I'm asking!

I have been thinking about this for a while and so I just wanted to ask. I am not judging AT ALL and I do know that many women genuinely are unable to BF (and some may just not want too). My Nan for instance had cysts removed from her breasts at a young age and was never able to BF. My good friend had little to no milk supply, I actually sat there with her at the hospital for 1.5 hours while they had her on an electiric breast pump and she got about 19 mls! Anyway the reason I'm asking is:

Myself and 9 friends had our babies in our local private hospital in the last 4 years. All of us but one (the one I mentioned above who had issues with milk supply) were all able to BF ans top when we wanted (not due to pain etc). This was not through no difficulty! Most of us had horribly cracked nipples and numerous help from the lacation consultants whilst in hospital. I myself, had one nipple so badly cracked that when I expressed some milk more blood the milk was spurting out (sorry for the TMI) and I also went back to visit the Lacation Consultant, 3 times after I was discharged on her advice as I was still having a little difficulty. For the first month my nipples hurt so much that I would sometimes cry at the pain in trying to get DS to attach properly and if it hadn't been for the patience and help of my hospital and lacation consultant I know I would of stopped after the first week or so (I went on to BF for 10 months). My friends feel the exact same way.

On the other hand, I have 6 friends who had their babies at the local public hospital and NOT ONE was able to BF. They ALL gave the reason that they had no milk supply. Now, I don't know if they just told us that because they had trouble and didn't want to feel judged. But I thought it was odd every single one of them had no milk supply.

I'm not sure if this is the same in all Public Hospitals but ours is always short on beds and so unless there is great health concerns, mum and bub are discharged after one or possibly two nights. In our local private hospital you are welcome to stay as long as you want and are very much encouraged to stay at least 5 nights. For myself and most of my friends our BF troubles didn't start until our milk came in on day 3 - 4 so it was very handy to still be in hospital to get help or if you left early you were very miuch encouraged to return to visit the lacation consultant for hours on end if you needed.

My Public Hospital friends felt that they were offered little to no encouragement to BF if they had trouble and often the midwives were sooooo understaffed that it was very very very rarely that someone sat with them to help them learn this very hard task. And when they were discharged they were not offered to return if they had difficulties etc.

So.... my question is and please be honest, did you BF and if you didn't why not? Did you feel it would of been different should you of had more help? I am actually wanting to give some feedback to our local Birth support group as it seems to be a growing issue in our community.

As I said, I am not trying to start a fight, I know some women just might not want to BF or genuinely can't. I just wanted to get some feedback. I know this is a very passionate topic.

Thanks smile

ok, there is going to be a fight!

But i will answer anyway!
I breastfed DS until he was 14 months. I planned to stop at 12 months, but he fell ill and was in hospital. The doctors recommended me to continue for a little longer.

I breastfed DD until she was 5 weeks old. During my pregnancy i fully intended to breastfeed until she was 12 months. However i had bad PND and decided it was better to stop, and switch to formula.
I did BF bub till he was 9 1/2 months then for some reason he didn't want it. I did want to BF him till he was 1. My local hospital was very supportive and help me in every way cause i ask a million questions.
I will be BF the next baby too.

I've found it's the same as you, I gave birth in a private hospital, we had breastfeeding classes, lactation consultants and it's hospital policy to keep you for 24 hours after you breastfeed independantly once your milk is in. Most of th people I know who give birth in public hospitals don't get the same level of support.

However, I'm a firm believer that you should do what works for you and your child, I have no judgement for how anyone chooses to feed their baby
I have twins.
I'll let you guess. lol
Wow, really?
Our PUBLIC hospital is very what they call 'baby friendly', they encourage BFing at every step and they give you heaps of information of where to go and who to contact if you have any problems. I could have stayed as long as I liked and even got a private room as I wasn't getting any sleep in a ward and thus wasn't coping very well! laugh
I am still BFing at almost 5 months and I hope to continue for a while. To me it seemed the obvious choice, TO ME formula is a back up if I can't BF. I am so lucky to have had no issues (other than the usual attachment problems and a bit of a flood in the early weeks) with it so far smile
i breastfed for 6 days, and i gave birth in a private hospital. I had a variety of issues that culminated into making breastfeeding very difficult - a traumatic birth, 4th degree tear, being hooked up to an IV for antibiotics for 3 days making it hard to move around, DS was slightly jaundiced and would suck 3 times and fall asleep, meaning i had to try all sorts of positions which isn't easy when you have been split from one end to the other, i was put on motilium to increase my supply, i still could only get 10ml from one breast and 5ml from the other and to top it all off i was developing PND because i felt like a failure.

so on the day i came home from hospital i decided my mental health was more important than breastmilk, i wasn't bonding with DS by trying to breastfeed i was just resenting him. it took me 2 weeks to stop crying every time i gave him a bottle of formula but i got over it in the end.

DS has not had any health issues (been sick once so far in 21 months which is a pretty good track record if you ask me) and has always been very happy and content being fed on formula so now i don't regret my decision to stop breastfeeding like i did in the early days. i am glad that he did get those first few days of colostrum.

i am going to try breastfeeding again this time but if it doesn't work out i am not going to get myself worked up about it because there are more important things in life IMO.

i can see how people who haven't had a difficult time with birth and breastfeeding etc can say that i didn't try hard enough, but try going thru what i went thru and you will see it differently.

I will go ....

I had both my kids in a public hospital 3 years apart !!

With Luke i was shown how to breatfeed by a young midwife who had no children of her own ...seh was FANTASTIC ..she helped me more then anything ..I stayed 3 nights cause I had only just gotten the hang of feeding the night before I went home they encouraged me to stay another night so I was a pro when I got home was fantastic ...a beautiful feeding experience and was super keen to duplicate it when I had my daughter !!

her birth was magical and she was out quick as a flash (had to be induced with both ) the only reason I stayed the night was cause I had a hemmorage and had to have a cathater and drip and all that crap ...she fed as soon as she was born where as Luke took a few days to get the hang of it ...thought I knew it all and went home 16 hours later with a baby who was not attaching properly ...I had all the help I could think of from my hospital ...I took her back to the clinic there at any tick of the clock to help with feeding ..they were wonderful ...all I had to do was ring and they told me to come straight down ..the maternity ward rang me every mornign for a week to check how I was going and give me little tips which were invaluable (stupid stuff like putting a blanket in the dryer while you feed and then when you put the baby down in the cot wrap the warm blanket over them .....calmed both mine down with in seconds )I had a hospital lactation consultant come to my house and help me feed and she helped me heaps !!

I dont know if it has anything to do with public v private in regard to breastfeeding ..I think it depends souly on the hospital itself ..I have heard heaps of bad stories from private hostipals and I have also heard bad stories from public hospitals (especially our local ...not the one my children were born in ...but the local public hospital is a death trap !! )

your experience can also be altered dramatically with just the midwife you have ...if you have a bad one in a good hospital then the whole experience is blown out the window ...for both of mine I was lucky to snag a fantastic midwife and I also had them in a hospital with a fantastic reputation !!

hoep that helped !!

DS1- would not attach, no matter how much we tried so I expressed full time for 6weeks and then my milk dried up. DS was feeding every 3 hours and it took 1 hour to get enough for him, so every 2 hours I was sitting on the couch for an hour expressing- unable to do anything else. It was pretty stressful and I copped a bit of flack from exDP for putting DS on formula. Had him in public hospital and they were pretty good with b/feeding support.

DS2- I put straight on formula, after what I did with DS1 I didn't feel I had it in me to deal with it again especially since I had DS1 to look after aswell.
I had my babies in a public hospital. They were very pro BF. I breastfed DD1 for 7 months and DD2 for 14 months. I think my mum had a big influence on me breastfeeding. Ever since I can remember when the topic came up she would always be saying how good it is and how it's so painful at the start but you just have to curl up your toes and take it and it will get better. I actually didn't even think of FF as an option at all. It just wasn't in my mind. Luckily BF was easy for me. Sure I got cracked nipples and with DD2 it stung like crazy when she first attached for the first month or so. But I loved it.
sorry, i forgot to add, i had both mine in a public/private hospital. Everyone received the same care, just public you didn't choose your doctor and private you did!
with my 1st baby ( public hospital), I had the attitude that I would try to bf, but if it did not work out I would just as happily use formula.Probably not the best attitude but I had just seen my sil literally wince and say ouch or groan every time she fed her baby. My baby would not attach properly and after 3 agonising days of feeding a baby when both of my nipples were only just hanging on by a thread of skin, a lovely midwife told me to put them away as she had not seen nipples that bad for a long time.she fetched a bottle of formula and my whingy hungry baby( who was losing weight) was replaced by a happy healthy satisfied baby. 2nd time around the bad experinces & memories were still very fresh in my mind and the hospital ( private) were suppotive of my decision to bottle feed.Third time,I had not decided but the midwife thought it might be harder for me to 'learn' to bf with 2 other babies who neeed my attention.They were only 2 and a half, and 13 months when had the 3rd.After due consideration I agreed with the midwife and with no regret put my baby on formula.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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