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Just replying as I stalked these forums to see what could help boost my supply.
This is what helped in order:
1. PUMP PUMP AND PUMP. I used a hospital grade pump ( investment) and would nurse pump, nurse pump.. After a day or 2 of this my supply was great
2. Breastfeeding supplement- fenugreek and weleda nursing tea you can get from the health food shop.
3. SLEEP/ REST. This is really important try and sleep through and get partner to help out at night. I find if i don't sleep my supply suffers
4. Guiness/ stout or lactation cookies (brewers yeast)
5. Oatmeal every morning for breakfast
6. Make sure your consuming enough calories (and fluids) to make milk
5. oatmeal for brekkie every morning
6. Plenty of fluids- water, carrot juice (or carrots) and milk boost supply

Demand feeding or pumping in between feeds helps the most.
Wow. I wish I'd found out this info sooner. Mine came 5 weeks early. The tongue wasn't discovered until at least 4-6 weeks and only because the Qld Health lady, who was in training and had no idea about formulas, mentioned it. We had a paediatrician follow up a week and a half later and had to sort that out. By this stage he was on all formula feeds.

I felt like he was latching great in hospital, getting more out of my right side than my left but also not completely draining my boobs. So he would then have to have top-ups, after which I would express and get the remaining milk out. Nobody picked up on the tongue tie which is kind of disappointing as I think this might have contributed to the not draining.

It was quite draining and I was an emotional wreck, I was taking Fenugreek and eating Boobie Bikkies to help boost my supply because I felt I was letting him down. I had nurses telling me to force his mouth onto my nipple to get him to latch which only made him angry and stressed which made me stressed and upset. We would then just give up on the feed and give formula because he got so overworked and hungry.

I was told it would get easier when we got home, it didn't. The hospital grade Medela pump was the only pump with sufficient suction, the Medela Swing maxi (double pump) only worked best with one tube not the double it came with. I had issues returning it. The Tommee Tippee pump was good but by this stage it wasn't getting the quantity I was previously getting from using the hospital pump.

I asked about the Motilium and was told by a few (doctor wouldn't prescribe it and nurse said it wouldn't work) not to bother basically. I hated myself for not being able to breastfeed and would and sometimes still do get frustrated when I hear of mothers that can breastfeed but choose not to. I know it's their choice however I feel that if you're making that milk why not at least express it and bottle feed.

Good luck getting through to the Australian Breastfeeding Association. I found them to be useless. There were quite a few times when I really needed to speak to someone (quite emotional about it), rang the number and got automated lines and then a text msg with an email address to contact someone.

When I would speak to nurses about it, it was always breastfeed, formula top-up, express. This is a very long and draining stressful process which could take up to 1.5-2 hours including settling baby. Add into that having to eat properly, drink lots of water (which I already struggled with), get lots of rest (how do you do that when you have to get up in 2 hrs to do the whole process again) and you get worn down very quickly.

I have exactly same experience as you . Baby is 5 weeks old tongue cheek and lip tie. 5 midwifes didn't pick up on it. Sid hes lazy and my boobs are not meant to breastfeed and to start formula top ups

I did this and got a breastfeeding consultant for a second opinion who picked up on ties.

By the time ties were fixed I was only pumping 30mils at the most every few hours.

The system let us down. Uneducated midwives. Breastfeeding association are dumb
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