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fussy feeder Lock Rss

Just wondering if there is anyone that has had the same problem? I started my little boy on his lunch time solids on the weekend and now he is fussing with every bottle i give him. He cries because he wants it (4 hourly) then when i put it in his mouth he screams and really turns it on. It is really hard to feed him, when he finally takes it he drinks the amount he should be. Any ideas?

pam,nsw, 13 months and 4 yo

My son has been a fussy eater for a while now. I have put it down to him being lazy!

He is nearly 5 months old & I have him on the fast flow teats but if the formula doesnt coming streming out, he gets agitated & wont drink. I have to loosen them right off (only sometimes that works) because he is just too lazy to suck properly. It is so frustrating, i dread feeding time
Could he be teething? My DD cries alot while feeding just before she cuts a tooth.

The other thing I am finding also is that she now wants her solids before bottle. She will fuss and carry on if bottle comes first. But if I offer solids first she has no dramas drinking.

Guess I havent helped much at all ... but a couple of ideas
Can't say that our little one is that fussy, however you could try perphaps giving a few spoonful of solids, then a few sips of the bottle, then alternate it like that to get both the bottle and solids. They are funny little thngs and when they can start showing some personality and a bit of independence it makes it more difficult for us!

Hope it helps,

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