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How long did you BF your second for? Lock Rss

I'm just wondering if anyone managed to breastfeed their second (or any other subsequent babies) for as long or longer than their first.

My DD's will be 21 months apart when I have my second in November, I BF my first for 8 months but I was aiming for 12, I stopped because she just started to refuse the breast. I'm hoping I'll get to at least 12 with the next one.
I bf DS til 10 months at which time he refused the breast.
I only bf DD for 5 months full time and finally finished up at 7 months. My milk dried up due to the stress (i believe)from trying to feed while having a 2 yr old running around. DD was a nosey parker which couldnt focus on feeding with noise which in turn stopped her from drinking which stressed me out lol. Hopefully you are more successful. I know many people who have successfully feed their 2nd/3rd etc til 12 months with no problems. Next time i will hopefully be more relaxed with it all.
I BF DD for 17.5 months. So far 11 days and going great. I never had any problems BF DD and from first proper feed DS latched on perfectly so hope to get to 1 year.
I was actually wondering the same thing.

My DD1 is currently 22months and I have a 4 week old DD.

I fed DD1 for 8 months and was hoping for at least 6 months this time, but it just seems like its going to be harder this time around with another child to look after, time will tell tho i guess.
I fed DD1 for 10.5 months but she was comp fed formula for 3 months. DD2 is almost 7 months and was comp fed formula from 1 month old. At this stage I am not sure if I will make it as long as I made it with DD1 as I am feeling really drained and due to work and study I am spending half of my free time expressing. I am really happy to have made it past 6 months though smile
I was only able to fully BF my son for 3 months and then he was comp fed until around 5 months. I was not able to keep up a supply for him no matter what I did.

My Daughter is now 15 months old and still going strong, I had some difficulties with her feeding early on but struggled through it. Sh is pretty unwell internally and breastfeeding is one of the things that has stopped her from failing to thrive. She still feeds up to 10-15 times a day sometimes and my very very active crazy nutty 3 year old copes pretty well

Good Luck

My boys are 21mths aparts and DS1 I fed for 16mths and still going with DS2 he's only 10mths atm. Will try to aim for 16mths too but see how we go. It is a bit harder BF with your 2nd but only because your 1st requires attention. But have activities and stuff at hand when you need to BF bub. Goodluck.

i only have one bub but will be TTC number 2 VERY soon.
i breastfed my DD for 25 months which i am incredibly proud of.
i worry that i am going to feel like i need to reach that point or close to it with my second and worry that i will feel guilt if i stop considerably earlier.
However my goals were always 6 months, then 12 months, then 18 months then "whenever she weans" so i will probably just do baby steps like that again with the next one and hope to do as well as i did first time around.
I could only feed DS for 6 weeks, as i wasnt producing enough milk and he was losing weight, but managed to BF DD for 7 months and then it was my choice to stop not hers due to work commitments.
I managed 6mths with 1st, 12mths with 2nd, 6.5mths with 3rd. I struggled with biting because 1 and 3 got teeth early...
[color="#0000FF"]I breastfeed my first for 3 1/2 weeks and was so overwhelmed by trying to do everything right that I stopped and began bottles. I look back at it now and realise that I didn't really have a clue about BF. My second has been breastfeed for 8 1/2 months and I love sharing our special time togeter. I feel so much more calmer and more positive. I read lots during my pregnanct so I was familiar from the start. I had a couple of hiccups but persisted. I think tiredness was a huge factor but once I got over the first couple of weeks it became a breeze. Today I was out in the bush having a picnic and feed my daughter without having to make up and heat a bottle. She was content very quickly. I go back to work next week so I intend to keep BF in the late afternoon and night. She has bottles throughout the day so for me I have been very lucky that she is happy to have both.
Am rather proud of myself, I only have one, (11mths) and I am still BF him, whats the best way to introduce cows milk, he has 2 comp formula botts a day, should i go 50/50 milk n formula?? ??? ????
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