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Introducing cows milk... Rss

sad I am hoping someone can help and shed some light...
I have a 12 month old (tomorrow) who I introduced, about 3 weeks ago, to cows milk (half water, half milk) 3-4 times a day.. She has taken to it really well apart from the fact that 2 weeks ago she started pooing more often and her little bot has become sooooo sore it is bleeding.... I have tried every cream on the market just about... Bub previously had a stoma and colostomy bag so we were given good barrier creams when she had her reversal... They are keeping it at bay but it is not healing due to the constant pooing... I am changing her constantly... sad

Could the cow's milk be causing her loose bowels ???
Has anyone else experienced something similar ???
What is your favourite rash cream ???

Any help would be greatly appreciated, grin

Kezz, Qld,Maddy 11, Jai 3 & Mia 7 weeks

can i ask why half cow milf and half water?? have you tried the pura kids milk with the add omega. thats works a treat.

you should not water down milk, unless told to by a pediatrician (spelling)
My son had similar problems until I tried him on lactose free milk. You can only buy it in the long-life milk section, but you should try it and see if it helps. Alot of babies are intolerant to lactose in dairy - they grow out of it but when consuming so much milk it helps to remove the lactose. Good luck!!!!

can i ask why half cow milf and half water?? have you tried the pura kids milk with the add omega. thats works a treat.

you should not water down milk, unless told to by a pediatrician (spelling)

I was told to introduce the cow's milk slowly by a clinic nurse, but that was probably with my first child who is now 12 !! Things have probably changed now....

Kezz, Qld,Maddy 11, Jai 3 & Mia 7 weeks

Both my kids are severly lactose intolerant and my eldest is now old enough to be on Rice Milk. For your note there is NO Lactose Free cows milks on the market, only Lactose Reduced. They do it by adding the Lactase enzyme to break down the Lactose. They only have to remove a minimum of 70% of Lactose for it to be called Lactose Free. This is usually good enough for most people unless they are severe sufferers.

May I suggest that instead of using water to "water down" the cows milk try mixing it with either your childs formula or breast milk and slowly increasing the cows milk over time (usually once per fortnight is recommened).

This is what we had to do with the Rice Milk starting at 18 months and by the time he was 2 years old he was drinking souly Rice Milk. Rice and Soy Milks are not recommened for kids under 2, as there isn't enough fat in them and can cause runny poo's.
Hey guys, thanx for all the advice, am just wondering how to go about starting my 11mth old on cows milk!
I had similar problems with my first child. He was allergic to lactose so gave him soy milk and soy formula and his sore bot cleared within a couple of days. Also used canestan on bottom (as advised by dr) as is antifungal to stop any infection as open wound. Started to introduce dairy again about 6 months ago and is now fine (he is 2 1/2). Hope it all goes well for you
As a baby/child i was allergic to cows milk, and was brought up on goats milk & cheese.. ( i was a little worried my little boy would have the same problem) my father has the same problem. some time we forget abt cow milk allergys.

i was told never to dilute cows milk!

best of luck finding a solution...
Hi and thankyou again for some great advice...

Just an update on how we are doing... I contacted my clinic nurse and she suggested to put bub on toddler formula to try ???... First bottle she threw up all over me and gave her 2 more after that and she then had pure watery poos continually and an even sorer bot bot... My husband looked on the label and it had MORE lactose in it than her normal formula... angry
I went out next morning and bought her a tin of De-Lact and by the next day her stools were firming up and her bottom had stopped bleeding... She now has to grunt a little to poo (Sorry, not really a nice topic !!) and she is eating better and is generally a happier bub.... I truly believe it was related to the cows milk and we may be now on top of things..... grin
Thanks again,

Kezz, Qld,Maddy 11, Jai 3 & Mia 7 weeks

we had the same problem with our ds. He had been on thickened formula since he was a few weeks old as he threw up all the time. When he approached 1 we started intruding cows milk and he had a sudden onset of runny poos. His poor bottom got so red. I took him to the doctors and he said that he was prob have a slight intolrance to lactose and that cows milk is very strong compared to baby formula. We were told to put him onto soy milk for a few months and then we could try cows milk again.

We have had our ds on So good soy milk for 8 months and his poo went firm after 1 day of being on it. We haven't tried the cows milk again as im too scared he will get runny poos and a sore bum again. Sometimes we give him cows milk if we are out of soy milk and he is fine.
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