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Breastfeeding, antibiotics & expressing question Lock Rss

Hi ladies

I had surgery on Tuesday and have been put on 2 lots of antibiotics - Cephlex and Metrogyl.

I have been advised not to breastfeed while on the Metrogyl. Tate has been having a mix of EBM that I had stored away and some formula feeds.

I have been expressing at his usual feed times (and pouring down the sink which is absolutely heart wrentching LOL) but Im not getting very much and the amounts seem to be dropping with each session.

Im worried that Im going to start losing my supply. Im on the antibiotics until next Tuesday ....

Do you think it would cause much harm if I took the antibiotics at night (around 7pm) and then gave him just his first feed in the morning at 7am before I took my AB's again. I know they would still be in my system, but would one feed a day really harm him?

What do you think?

Im not sure about bf your little one, i would possibly ring the pharmacy and ask them exactly what it would do to your little one and make up your own mind from that.

In the mean time keep expressing, there are always things to help boost your milk supply when you have finished taking them. Also talk to breastfeeding Australia, they will be able to give you some great informaiton (they were my lifesaver when pregnant) and are more than happy to help with any question.
The problem with ab is that they wipe out the good bugs as well as the bad bugs from your system. The good bugs are the ones that keep you healthy, so if you wipe them from bubs system (which is what the issue is) then they are very vulnerable to disease. Is there are alternative to the ab you are on that is suitable for bf?

Also remember to look after yourself and take some kind of probiotic even if its just natural yogurt. Gotta keep you healthy too!
Thanks ladies. I've checked out a website and it says the Metrogyl can cause diarrhea and have a carcenegenic affect!!!

Guess I'll just keep expressing and worry about increasing my supply again next week smile

OC - I had a bone graft done in my top jaw so yoghurt is about the only thing I can eat at the moment LOL laugh

I was told that when I notice my milk supply slowly going express more often an try drink more fluids.

Express more often as in- every half hour to hour even if you get nothing you are telling your body to make more milk by just the sucking action of the expresser. It's worth trying!
Hey Bec

i had really bad gastro when I was bf Drew and my supply dropped big time but within a few days of feeding him more frequently it came back.

goodluck with the expressing and yes it's awful watching all that hard work being washed down the sink!
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