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i was thinking of making up my formula bottles i need for the day in the morning so i dont have to do it throughout the day, what do you think? any probs in doing this? am i right thinking it can be stored for 24hrs?
I personally don't make up the formula bottles in advance cos, well, if it was me I wouldn't want to be drinking a "premade" bottle lol.

I do however have boiled water ready at all times (in the bottles) and then all I need to do is chuck in whatever scoops are required and it takes absolutely no time. It also means the water is not cold (as in if you stored a pre made bottle you would store it in the fridge, then needing hte time to warm it up again) whereas stored water at room temperature you don't need to heat up at all. The only time it takes is the scooping and shaking of the bottle.

I found this the best way for me anyway smile
I always pre-make 2 bottles for overnight, that way I can reach blindly into the fridge, grab a bottle, whack it in the microwave for a while and then go in and feed DD2.
And there's always one for another feed if necessary, or for first thing in the morning.

If DD2 is staying with MIL or mum during the day, I make enough bottles up for them to use, as well as including a formula dispenser thingy if they need to make extras up.

On the tin, it says do not keep made up milk for longer than 24hrs, so I think it's ok..

i did this for a while i just made sure it was cooled boiled water from over-night then i would mix it during the morning. i only did this when i knew he was only going to drink through the day within a 12 hour period. saves alot of time i think.
i used to make up bottles in advance for night time because i would lose track of how many scoops i was adding to the water in my sleep deprived state at night feeds. so they would be premade for 12 hours at the most. DS never had any issues from them.

i pre made bottles the minute i got home from hospital lol i thought it was easier to make them all at the same time than having a hungry baby waiting for a bottle...
The problem with pre-making your formula is you should only heat it in the microwave once. Everytime you heat a bottle with formula this way it loses nutrients. If the baby only drinks a small amout of the bottle, it's recommended that the botle not be reheated again. If you only heat the water and add formula after that, then you can re-heat the bottle again if it's not finished.

If you want to make it easier, get a formula container and measure out the correct amount of formula so it can be tipped in easily after the water has been heated.
We pre make bottles for the twins and keep them in the fridge. Generally only 2 feeds in advance and always have bottles with water on the bench for extras. Pre making bottles was something that was recommended to us by doctors/nurses when the girls were in special care and has truely been good advice. As long as you are reasonable about the amount of time you keep them pre made you should be fine.
It's very safe to premake formula bottles as long as you follow a few simple rules like always washing and sterlizing your bottles, using freshly boiled water, storing the bottles in the coldest part of the fridge (never the door), using them within 24hrs and never heating them more than once.
When DS was little we used to make up 4 bottles in the morning and 4 at nighttime.
Good luck smile

When DD started formula whist still in hospital, they had me make a jug full and leave it in the fridge. It had a label on the lid stating the time it had been made and had to be thrown away and a fresh batch made 24 hours later.

For a while when I got home I would pre make bottles and leave them in the fridge. Then I started just having the water pre boiled in bottles and making them that way.
I've always just had pre boiled water ready to go but have just started pre making bottles for the day. As long as water is cooled before premaking my understanding is you can then heat it no worries and just make sure to use within 24 hours. My main reason for this is bubs is drinking 150 to 180 mls and you can not make a half scoop so make a 1ltr split it then good to go smile
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