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increasing milk supply Lock Rss

tell her to drink a heap of water.
rest and relax and try not to stress about it.
put baby to the breast frequently to stimulate production.
and cookies are worth a try. i never used them as i found putting bub to the breast more frequently/expressing was enough to help up it.
good luck
Have a read of this. Lots of women think they have milk supply issues when they don't. I have never used the cookies personally but some people swear by them. Has she been in touch with her midwife or a lactation consultant? Oats are supposed to be good for milk production. I used to have porridge every morning for breakfast and found that I had no supply issues this time....but that might have also been down to me knowing more about bf and how it works than I did when DS1 was born. <span class="emoticon unsure">unsure</span>

I made the breastfeeding cookies this week and now I have an old but revived song in my head...

" t*&s are getting bigger!" LOL! I'm hilarious!!!

I also bought a supplement called Breast feeding support which is fenugreek and blessed thistle together and started that so not sure which helped but the cookies are yummy so make a nice thoughtful gift anyways!

c-hippie-kiwi put me onto a website called and it helped me a HEAP and this is my 3rd breast fed bub so...

Good luck for your friend - I hope it goes well for her cos its so much easier and cheaper in the long run than formula and washing bottles... I think she is very lucky to have you as a friend and the world needs more people as thoughtful as you grin


Here is a link to an article that may help... It lists all the different foods and herbs that will increase your milk supply. I came across it when I was looking for alternative ways to increase my milk supply after DS was sick. I don't know whether it was eating these foods that increased it or whether it was getting him to feed every 2 hours that increased it!! I'd like to think it was a combination of both that helped <span class="emoticon grin">grin</span>
I had a lot of problems with my supply for my first bub but had no problems at all with my 2nd. I tried everything I could to try to boost my supply but nothing seemed to work. I did try the bf cookies but they didn't work for me. Actually, instead of making my boobs bigger they probably made my bum bigger cause I ate so many of the them cause they were yummy. I used to put sultanas,dried apricots & flaked almonds in mine. Or choc chips.
I also tried the herbal supplements but didn't work. My big baby was just a little piggy and liked big feeds.
My GP used to tell me to drink plenty of water and rest. Feeding more often also helps. Tell her not to let it stress her out and if she needs to give bubs a bottle to get them thru just do it. I tried to do it all myself and wasted so much energy and tears stressing about it. In the end I hung in there and after she started solids I didn't need to give her extra bottles of formula to top her up and things settled down. I fed her til she was 14mths old. With my 2nd bub everything has been fine.

I have made the cookies and loved them so much that i believed they worked - then i found the fenugreek/blessed thistle supplement and found it easier than baking cookies.

good on you for being a caring friend and even if they don't work what new mum wouldn't like home made "choc-chip n oat cookies" just write lactation cookies on the box to stop anyone else eating them on her lol

it certainly isn't gonna decrease her supply

you can also give her some of the brewers yeast to add to a smoothy to increase supply ( i found this helped colic too) you can also buy brewers yeast in capsules
My doctor prescribed motilium to increase supply, but when I looked in to it, it is actually not recommended while breastfeeding and was possibly even a contraindication. So I decided not to try it even though it has a pretty good track record, apparently. So tell her to be wary of any drugs prescribed and to do her own research before taking anything.

Reassure your friend it is not her fault and if she has to top up feeds with formula, it's not the end of the world. I thought it was and cried my eyes out for a while before I realised the benefits, such as hubby got to do feeds to and bond with bub and also bub then easily went from breast to bottle and vice versa.
This One is really important to milk supply. From a chinese medicine point of veiw women who are breastfeeding should limit eye strain. i.e try not to read, watch to much tv or use the computer to much. My Mum told me about this, I didnt think much of it till my milk dried up when i was on holidays,the reason,i was reading a book a day. As soon as i stopped my milk suppy came back.
Just on the subject of molitium, I am taking it at the moment and both my obst and bubs peadiatrition said it is perfectly safe to take long term if you need it to boost your milk supply.
I need it as bub was not putting on weight and her nappies were way too dry, now I'm on motilium her nappies are soaking wet and she is putting on decent weight.
I'm going to stay on the motilium until I stop breastfeeding in 3 months time.
It works very very well!

Tell your friend to 'Breast Express'. I have a Medela electric Breast Pump (best invention eva) and when i felt/ feel my milk supply is drying up, i just express, even if there is no milk that comes out, i believe that the pumping action on my breasts is enough to stimulate the milk in the coming hours. its alwayz worked for me
the best thing for me was truckloads of water - drink, drink drink! Also, I quite liked the effect of breastfeeding tea - it was a Yogi brand and it was for increasing the milk - I think it was fenugreek, but could be wrong.
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