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Breastfeeding beyond 1 year Lock Rss

Hello ladies!

I just wanted to find out if anyone is planning on (or has been) breastfeeding past a year? I really want to try to feed my bub for up to 2 years (as long as she's still happy to!)but haven't really met many people who are interested in doing this. I would only intend on breastfeeding her morning and night when she's over a year old.

My girl is 6 months old now, has started solids and is still b'feeding 4 times a day and once at night, but heaps of people are asking if she's still breastfed (and seem surprised when I say yes-??!). My mother in law said the other day "so you're going to wean her when you go back to work?" (I'm going back 3 days a week when she's 8 months old- her dad is staying home with her those days) and I said "No, I'll be feeding morning and night and expressing a bottle everyday for her to have at home".

Has anyone got any positive stories about extended b'feeding? And for those who express at work how are you finding it?
DS is almost 16months and still breasfeeding , he has some first thing in the morning and before his story at bedtime . Sometimes he has some before his nap , more if he is sick.

I always wanted to breastfeed up until 2 yrs + . Im 20w pregnant tomorow and plan to breastfeed both DS and bubba , I expect DS will want to feed more once he sees bubba always getting it .

What can I say , the boy loves his boobie smile
I went back to work when DS was 8mths, he was having 4-5bf/day at that point, but on work days he had 2 bottles of about 130ml at his babysitters. I work 5 days a fortnight, as well as on call after hours. DS was bf until 12.5mths, I weaned him at that point because it was easier for him to not be reliant on bf to go to bed at night incase I was called back to work after hours. I found maintaining my supply difficult, and there was pretty much no milk left by the time I weaned him. I was expressing 3 times whilst I was at work.

I too had lots of comments about him still being bf, so many people were surprised

Have a look at this, there's plenty of mums over in the toddler feeding section still bf. DS2 self weaned at 18.5 months, much to my disgust, as it looked like we were heading for 2 years. To be honest if he was still willing we'd probably still be going and he's going to be 3 next month.

I always wanted to breastfeed up until 2 yrs + . Im 20w pregnant tomorow and plan to breastfeed both DS and bubba , I expect DS will want to feed more once he sees bubba always getting it .

Hi, just a quick warning note on this, i continued to BF DS (17mnths at the time) when DD came along - I actually fed him while in labour lol, midwife thought it was great - however I had a lot of trouble with DD at night, after a stray comment from my CHN I finally figured out that the problem was that eventhough DS wasn't getting the boob until after she had finished with it he was draining it completely dry and so she wasn't getting enough the next time round and even though my milk supply increased it never managed to increase to the point where it was able to satisfy both of them of an evening, however I was still able to give him a morning feed and when he got really sick at just over 2 it became a real life saver as I was able to switch him back to bf and keep the fluids up to him that way.

Its definitely great if you can do it, but I just thought you should be aware of this possible problem smile.

I finally weaned him at 2.5 and am still BF DD whenever she wants, usually only once a day but I will be weaning her at 2 as we are expecting bub no 3 in Feb and I really don't want to go through the same thing again with it, plus after 3 1/2 years of breast feeding I'd really like to have my boobs back for a little while lol.


I breastfed DD till 17.5 months. I wanted to stop at 6 months but she loved her booby to much. She self weaned in the end i was sad despite wanting to stop. Im just going day by day with DS i do want to wean at 12 months though.
I let DD self wean as I was happy feeding and had very supportive family so didn't feel any pressure to stop feeding. She fed until she was 19 months old.

DS I plan to try and do the same thing with - I want to make it to 12 months but am quite happy for him to continue feeding past that point if he is still happy to.

hi there smile
i stopped breastfeeding in January of this year and we breastfed for 25 months so just over 2 years.
i demand fed until she was about 18 months old and then took the "dont offer, dont refuse" approach and she self weaned over the next 6 months. eventually at 2 years of age i decided i had given it a darn good go and was ready to stop and it took about a month of persuasion and distraction to finally wean her completely.

i absolutely loved my breastfeeding relationship and experience and you would be suprised how many women out there do feed for an "extended" period of time.

good luck!
I'd love to second time round! I could only BF DS for 3.5months, but have every intention of going for as long as I possibly can with the next one & hopefully that means past 1 year!! But we'll see. I'll probably go back to work before then, but it'll be back to night duty so I should be able to express there. Plus, being a nurse it's a bit more of a female friendly environment, so BF is very supported. smile Guess we'll see!

I BF DD for 18 months and then weaned her (reluctantly on her part) because I was pregnant again (that pregnancy didn't work out) and feeding her was making my already bad morning sickness even worse. I'm now expecting another and planning to feed for at least that long.

From a nutritional point of view, even after introducing solids your milk is still really great for them - I was advised to feed DD for at least 12 months. According to the "experts" that is the minimum age they should be fed (reducing the frequency, of course, as they eat more). Not that I want to judge anyone out there who didn't - you have to make the right choice for you. But my point is that the prevailing view in society that feeding at least to 12 months is strange is actually ill informed. So go for it!
Good on you for wanting to feed for so long. I have always worked part time and managed to exclusively bf at the same time. By 8 months at least on the days you work bub will be on solids so you know it will be getting food if it wont take a bottle of ebm or get as much as it normally would when you are at home feeding.

I planned to bf DS to 12 months, we got there and i couldnt cut him off, so he self weaned at 14.5months. With DD i want to get to at least 12 months but it will be her choice when wh wants to wean. Since i have had success bf both my kids i could never give them formula.

Amazing isnt it that ppl expect you to wean. I just used to say to ppl that it's recommended that you feed until 2 years - that shuts them up and funnily enough the comments i had about when i would 'stop' with DS havent even happened with DD.

Your baby your choice so it has nothing to do with them. Good luck and well done smile
DS is currently 13months and still BF x3 a day though i am looking at reducing it to x2. Have just found out i pregnant agin and not sure about tandem feeding but wikll continue to bf DS for another couple of months. I have a great support network and family that support me.

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