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Night feeds - how do you keep them awake to feed? Lock Rss

#2 is 8 weeks, and is getting up twice a night for feeds but he often falls asleep during his feeds and never finishes hence, my breasts become very full and painful overnight and I find it difficult to sleep (whatever sleep I get). I've tried taking his legs out of his jumpsuit but it gets so cold at night that I feel so guilty doing it. I can't sleep during the day as I have to a toddler to look after as well. I get very frustrated when I hear my girlfriends saying their babies have slept through 11 hours and I think to myself, what am I doing wrong? Should I just top him up on formula at night so he will sleep longer? Am I expecting too much from him at such an early age? I b/fed #1 exclusively for 7 months so I feel guilty even thinking about formula feeding.

So, how do you get your bubs to have their full feeds during the night when it's so cold? Any advice would be appreciated as I don't like how I get when I'm sleep deprived; not the nicest person to be around that's for sure. sad
Is it that he needs the feed or that you are uncomfortable? If its just that you are uncomfortable, can you express some after feeding him to make your breasts more comfortable? You may only need to get rid of a little to ease the pressure, or if you dont mind using a bottle you could use it for a top up feed?

He will drop those night feeds when he is ready, dont compare him to other peoples kids, they are all different kids and its not usually what the mums do that makes a baby that young sleep through, its usually just the way of the child.
I found changing the nappy when you change sides used to wake mine up enough to have a good feed on the second side.
Like the PP said, all babies are different, neither of mine slept thru until 9 months and now they are great sleepers....It is so cliche but it will be over before you know it and then you never know you just might miss those quiet night feeds, I know I did.
Best of luck and hope you get some sleep!!!
Thanks for your replies. I have tried expressing after the feeds but can only get a few drops out; I find that I can only express while he is feeding on my other breast. I have also tried changing his nappy as well; that wakes him up for a little but then he falls asleep again once I start to b/feed.

I know he'll sleep through in due time, just like my #1. It feels like I'm going through this the first time even though I've done it before. Just hoping that light at the end of the tunnel comes soon before I lose my sanity from sleep deprivation.
yep...sleep deprevation is the worst!
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