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where do i start,

My baby is 12 weeks old and is not gaining much weight at all, she only weights 5.1kg, she is fully breast fed and is only gaining 20gms to 80gms a week for the last 6 weeks.
Can breastmilk loose all the goodness in the breast and make the baby not put on weight?
She is feeding every three hours for 30mins each feed durning the day, her last feed is at 6pm and she sleeps through until 1am for a feed and then falls back to sleep until 6am the next morning. She is content and happy after each feed. besides the wind smile

The health nurse is not worried at the moment. but i am, i feel like a bad Mum and i can't stop crying over it, and my husband dosn't seem to care about it so it make the whole thing even harder.

Please help!
If she was growing well to begin it probably isn't an issue with your milk however you can get your breastmilk tested if you are truly concerned. Your supply could also have dropped but generally you can tell from bubs mood. Is she settled and meeting milestones?

As for the weight how much did she weigh at birth and how much did she lose after birth? It took DD2 4 months to gain her first kilo, she is a petite little girl but she is happy and healthy.
Hey, this is all new to you! Do not fret, your baby is gaining weight! It can take a few weeks for everything to settle down and function normally. If the nurse is not worried, the baby is settled and sleeping.....then reassure yourself you are doing well!!!!

Is bubs latching ok? Consider consulting a lactation consultant with any queries.

Keep eating healthily and drinking lots of water, and get some rest where possible.

If you are worried, go back to your nurse! The nurse is there for you, lean on her when you need to.
If the ONLY thing is that she is gaining weight slowly, there really is no need to be concerned. As long as she is happy, meeting her milestones & seems otherwise healthy. If she was not gaining weight at ALL, then there may be cause for concern, but even a little gain is still gain!

My DS was very slow to gain weight. We even spent 2 nights in hosp under obs, weighing before & after feeds, etc, despite the fact that in every other respect he was a happy, healthy, bright baby. They convinced me to comp feed with formula, which did very little to speed up the rate of weight gain, and eventually informed me there was nothing wrong with him, it's just "one of those things" and he doesn't put on weight quickly. So after 2 months of stressing me out & making me feel like a bad mum, they turned around & told me I was right in the first place, he was fine, just skinny.

He was 3.54kgs born, left hospital weighing 3.29, he hit 6 kgs at 6 months.
hi there!

that sounds like a perfectly normal breastfed baby! They put on weight at different rates. Some stack it on week after week, some put it on in dribs and drabs, others put on a little every week. If she wasn't getting enough milk, you would know about it! She would be crying or sleeping all the time, losing weight, dry nappies etc.

Your breastmilk is your babies perfect food and unless you are totally hammering yourself with drugs, bad food and chemicals then your bm will be fine. Your bm will be chocka block with all the nutrients and then you get the leftovers! Thats why its really important that you look after yourself!

Honestly, you don't need to stress. You are doing perfectly!
There is no way baby would be sleeping that well at night if she wasn't getting the food she needs. Relax and enjoy her being small for a little bit longer.
Hey - my bubs is the same and the nurse isnt concerned either - but I get how you are feeling - I think its because they make such a huge deal about weight gain in those first few weeks/months so when they naturally slow down, its not good enough for us doubting mummas! (Slowing down the amount of gain is ABSOLUTELY NORMAL - have a look at the percentile charts and see how it starts steep and tapers off gently as it goes up in age!)

I'm almost certain that breastmilk can't go bad in the breast - otherwise babies would HAVE to feed very regularly (like every 3 hours on the dot) 24/7 til they weaned and they wouldn't want it when they woke up in the morning iykwim.

I also remember them saying in our antenatal classes that breast milk changes every feed according to what the baby needs at that very minute in time.

don't stress - your baby sounds very healthy and content which is more than many - and you'd DEFINITELY know if she wasn't getting enough or there was something wrong.

One other thing - if you think she isn't getting enough - you could always try adding a dream feed at 9pm perhaps and see if she starts gaining more quickly. good luck anyways...K


Hi there..
I know it can be hard but try not to worry about it. My son was a slow one to gain weight until he went onto solids.
If your bub looks alert and is happy and developing then i would say it's fine.
Also your bubs is a very good night sleeper which is another indicator that there's enough milk or it would be waking all the time looking for a feed.

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