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Has anyone Breastfed with an illness and on medication? Lock Rss

Hi My Baby Girl (3rd Child) is 6 weeks old and I love her to bits, I exclusively breast feed and it is going really well for both of us but last weeks after been in pain for a couple of weeks I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis (autoamune disease).

My Dr has given me medication which is ok to have while BF but I can only be on it for a week and have to see a specialist. He also said I might have to give up breastfeeding to undergo treatment medication, which really breaks my heart.

My question is has anyone had to choose between medication and feeding your baby? And what did you do?

good for you for being so hell bent on BF'ding. I am much the same. Perhaps there are other options? natural methods? diff medication? keep strong.

It might be worth talking to another Dr (second opinion) or seeking more information on this. Some Dr's don't consider what patients want and just tell us what's easy for them sometimes so if it's something very important to you make sure there are no other options first.

Don't forget how important your health is for your baby also!!!

Good luck!
Thanks Im seeing the specielist in a week and ill se what he says. If I have to give up feeding then so be it sad
I need to think about my other kids also Im in so much pain I can hardly walk and look after them and I dont want them to remember me like this when they get older.

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