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I started trying Lock Rss

I didn't have this issue but it seems to me you could get better results by treating not as a replacement but as something new.

If you are like me and hate cleaning bottles and teats this is your chance to move to a cup.

As long as you are supplying cheese and yoghurt ie, other dairy you shouldn't worry about how much she drinks. Also the other component of formula you need to make sure you supply is iron.

I don't heat milk. Just cold in a cup.
im a first time mum and my sons not old enough to go through this stage yet, but when i lived with my aunty she used to mix half formula and half cows milk...and then gradually used more cows milk.
I didn't mix the milk with water, I just replaced DS's formula with milk in a bottle as I didn't want to go to the toddler formula either. I did heat it up a little and just gave it to him the same as formula. I didn't have any problems going from formula to milk... Maybe I was lucky??

Good luck!
hi, Ive just been through this with DD, we just replaced 1 bottle a day with cows milk then continued from there, we had no issue either, she prefered it better. she was only on 2-3 bottles a day too, now at 12 1/2 months she is on 2 botttles of cows milk morning and night.
we did no half formula half milk or anything like that we just went straight milk.
good luck

is a good article on how much milk and why too much is bad - fattening, too much calcium reduces iron intake etc.

Also it compares 2 cups of milk with RDI of calcium and it puts kids over and that's without cheese and yoghurt in their diet.

I pretty much follow what they say - cup of milk offered after meals. Milk is too easy to fill up on and can mean they eat less of other essential nutrients.

I'd be worried about too much milk rather than not enough...

I had the same prob with DS2. I actually found the mild regardless of being watered down gave him a belly ache.

I started using A2 milk which he really liked, but it gave him alot of wind, so it was suggested I try Zymil. This has been fantastic!!! I give it to him in a Tommee Tippee soft tip non-spill cup so he can lay down like it's a bottle without it spilling all over him.

I still give him Toddler formula at night in a bottle until last night where I've switched to using the cup instead.

Really there's no rush in changing them to milk and quite frankly I think keeping them on formula for a while longer is more benificial, however if your DD is eating a healthy diet and enough, then use the milk in a cup as a drink.

Good Luck <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
Hi there smile I swapped both of my girls onto a bottle that they cold hold themselves so like a bottle but with handles and a more of a silicone toddler mouth piece rather than a teat.

I changed their bottle to that for a week and then went one bottle with 50ml milk, remainder water and the rest of the bottles as formula. The next day I swapped to 50ml water remainder milk. The third days all milk. The fourth day I started the same process with the next bottle until all bottles were milk.

Yes, they probably will fill up faster on milk so once you have swapped to all milk I would recommend droppin some bottles. I gave DDs a bottle when they first got up, a bottle when they went down for a nap, and a bottle when they went down for the night - should really even it out. And they just eventually grew out of having three themselves.

I had the same problem with water (still am really) so they get one cup of diluted fruit juice to drink during the day and then fill their drink bottle up with water for the rest. They seem to like the juice better but I'm not really game to give it to them without being watered down first smile

Another thing that I find helps is that if they see you have got, they will want it too. So, if you can, fill up her bottle and then fill up a cup for yourself in front of her and you can both drink it together.

Good luck anyway!!
My ds was the same he did not seem to enjoy cows milk so what i did was i filled half the sippy cup with water then added 1 scoop of formula then the rest was milk and he's got to the point now where he can drink half water and milk and does not care about not missing the taste of formula.
He's drinking alot more water now too.
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