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Reflux formulas? Lock Rss

My 3month old has extreme problems with reflux so i want to put him on a special formula for reflux. Problem is there are so many formulas out there i don't know where to start? Can any one recommend one that they have had success with, that i can buy in NZ supermarkets/pharmacys.
We use Karicare AR with wonderful results, they also do a thickener you can buy in chemists if you still want to give breast milk. DD had bad reflux from day dot. I expressed and comped due to low supply. we added thickener to expressed milk and gradually reduced the thickener after 3 weeks. in 1-2months I was able to go back to breastfeeding again. But when she takes formula she still needs thickened formula. Karicare was brand recommended by my CHN

We used 'Novalac' Reflux formula and it was AMAZING!!! My little man had silent reflux and nothing seemed to work other then this formula. It is a pharmacy sold product, however you don't need a prescription for it. Like I said it worked really well for us and allowed everyone to sleep better and for DS to be happier. Hope everything works out smile
thanks for the advice, i now have somewhere start. And hopefully this works.
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