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SUGAR HIT!! breast feeding Lock Rss

hey girls

my gosh i didnt realise how energy consuming breast feeding is!! bubs is now 4 months and is still having 7 to 8 feeds on a good day smile. my only problem is that i am drained ( milk and energy)and after i feed him i have an instant craving for chocolate and through out the day crave coke or any thing sweet. i feel bad because im worried about the amount of sugar im taking in and coke for bubs but im just so exhausted i feel as though i cant get through the day with out it. any one else in a smilar boat or any suggestions ??

thanks x
I don't think I've ever eaten as much chocolate as I have in the past 4 months since having DS. And I am also breastfeeding... wounder what it is?? as in does the body instantly go for things that are full of sugar for more energy???

I can't wait for the day that I will be over eating chocolate tongue

Think I'm going to start shopping online so I won't buy it anymore!
i was going through a block a day

i started drinking just juice with veg in it and its made a huge difference also tomato juice, its expensive but so is chocolate at the amount i was inhaling.

you get tired and can't be bothered cooking so you eat chocolate then its a cycle of abuse to our bodies lol....

don't get me wrong but apparently if you have an unsettled baby its the sugar in the diet that can be cranking them .......once i cut out all the sugar we both felt better and had more energy.

i still have chocolate but no way the amount i used to lol

now i just need to sort out all the rest of the stuff i am eating
I can't get enough energy either!
I just wish I could have one of those big V's or something.

Layla22 are you sure the hospital midwife knew what she was doing? tongue
I eat sooooo much since having DS! I now eat more than my husband at mealtimes (he is a big eater) and I'm still hungry afterwards.
So much for losing weight while breatfeeding......

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Try having a big wholesome breakfast each morning- weetbix is perfect but anything like Miniwheats or Just Right - whole grains, fruit and milk. Don't worry about low fat milk - whole milk is only about 4% fat anyway and gives you a great boost.
Otherwise, you may be dehydrated and adding an electrolyte drink to your day, such as staminade (without the extra carbs that gatorade etc have) could make a real difference.
i was told an extra 200cal when pregnant then an additional 500 calories when breast feeding. which is what you would burn on approximatly a 2 and a half hour walk? i think might be longer. so when you think of it like that on top of everything else we do. i do agree however that it is deffinetly worth it. Joining up to SA now smile
omg its not just me!!!! i so have wanted to do this post but was scared that everyone would write" nope iv lost 10kgs""omg me too and its dropping off" lmao....while im putting the 10kgs on lol..i just had to show dh these posts to prove its not just me...all i want is sugar, anything ..chocolate, lollies, milo..ANYTHING........all the time....whoever said bf makes you lose weight..what a lie..seriously lol...anyway im quite happy now ITS NOT JUST ME!!!!!! might celebrate and have a ladies.
You sound exactly like me. I've never eaten so many lollies, choc and cake. I've found that when I'm tired I have more cravings for those types of food. I'm now eating more protein. skinny milk, low fat cheese, low fat yohurt or in the afternoon about 2pm I'll have chocolate protein powder mixed with water. Read the nutrition panel as many protien powders are very high in calories. I got mine from my gym. I've started walking (with the baby in pram & kids walking with me) in the morning as it gives me more energy. I'll make extra effort to walk when I'll know I'll be tired like after a hard night with wakefull baby or kids. I hope it helps
ME TOO!!!!

My DS is almost 6 months and all I do is eat chocolate, drink coke and sleep...I can't sit down for more than 5 mins without needing a nana nap. I can't ait till I get my energy back but I wouldn't give up BF for the world at the moment. I love the closeness I feel when it's just me and him BF.

BTW...My DH is in stiches listening to these posts...I too am not the only crazy one...haha!!
I wish I had found this post weeks ago!!! My name is Catherine and I am a breastfeeding chocoholic-LOL, it does feel like AA!

I am currently feeding DD3 whom is 5months in 5days. With my eldest 2 I put on more weight breastfeeding than in the pregnancies (didn't even know it was possible-he,he). So this time I started otu by the book- I followed all the recommendations for fruit,veg, protien,dairy and cereals, and what ht e 6 week check no.3 had barely gained enough!

So I did what any self-respecting control freak would and turned to Cadbury's, about a family size a day at my best and the little monkey began to grow like a weed- now where's the justice there?

Then about 4 weeks ago I had to pull myself out of sugar hell and cut off the supply- or loose my sanity and now I am back to having supply issues:(.

So what works for me is formula top ups when necessary- I don't do this instead of feeding, I just top her up when she's still screaming for more...She is still thriving, 2 weeks ago she hit the 90th percentile for height weight and head circumference- so I guess we are doing ok.

I would just like to say a big thankyou to all of you for making me feel "normal"...and better good company!!!!
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