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What size Nuk teat? Lock Rss

Ben is 4 1/2 months old and has just been started on the Karicare Thickener in his formular. What size Nuk teat should I use for this? The ones we are currently using are for 0 to 6 months (I think!) Are there other teats that Nuk offer for a slightly faster flow or would this not be advisable?

as for his age i would use that size you have but as you have the thinkener as well i would go to the next size up you should be able to get them at the chemist woolworths big w any places like that let us know who he goes

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On the package of Nuk Teats it usually has it displayed on there, ie - milk flow - slow, cereal flow - medium etc.

If he is on a thickner then you should use medium flow.

Hope this helps


eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

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