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what to not eat when breastfeeding? Rss

Am breast feeding my new born, what foods shouldnt i be eating? I have been told not to eat the following - peas, beans, any soft drinks, spicy food, cabbage, coffee plus the ones i cant remember. There are lots of conflicting comments, i was just wondering what other breast feeding mums had experienced?
Hi, I've been breastfeeding for 9 weeks now and am eating everything. I have noticed I don't really like spicy food anymore, so I don't eat that but I do eat smoked salmon and rare steak etc. As far as I know you can eat it all, I do know that you should really cut down on caffiene but caffiene free soft drinks should be fine.....goodluck
I eat pretty much whatever i feel like, which is alot these days!!! My DS is 7 weeks and i found he was especially unsettled after bok choi (sp??) Its trial and error really, cause not all babies have issues after paticular foods!
Its not really that u cant eat those foods (peas beans, cabbage etc) its more that those foods tend to give babies wind... like in PP its all trial and error to see what your bubs likes or dislikes. Im finding I cant eat anything with onion....
I ate everything until 4mths when ds was diagnosed with milk protein allergy, so i went off dairy, aside from that though, nothing bothered him

chocolate not kidding can also make babies unsettled.... not so bad when they are older though....
I just ate anything I wanted! My midwife said that if you ate spicy food while pregnant then it shouldn't really matter when breastfeeding. I also found when I started my daughter on solids she didn't really like bland food and I had to add spice to her puree!! I know some babies respond badly to some foods - one of my good friends pretty much could only eat white foods (bread, potato, pasta etc) but I think you should only exclude things after trying them first, your baby might be one who doesn't mind anything and it would be a shame to exclude things if you don't need to.

chocolate not kidding can also make babies unsettled.... not so bad when they are older though....

this unsettled mt dd too so i cut back and it helped
I was told you can eat/drink anything (except alcohol..) while BF. However it is best not to drink coffee in the afternoons (takes about 5-6 hrs to get caffeine out of system) and may cause bubs to be unsettled at night..
do not drink orange juice. its too acidic for wee babies tummy to handle. i drunk some without even thinking and my DS woke over 10 times that night.

also found out onion upsets him to. (was another big night lastnight because of this)

i dont drink anything other than milk and water.
I found it differed with mine,
I didn't eat RAW cabbage with any of them but was fine with cooked, DS nothing seemed to bother him...

DD1 only chocolate...

DD2 onion, garlic, anything tomato based, chocolate,

I still drank coffee, though only in the mornings and never had trouble, and I also drank all juices without a problem
Are these really true, or is it just a coincidence that babies are more unsettled after eating particular foods? How can food pass into the breastmilk? I understand chocolate and tea/coffee because they are stimulants (ie caffeine passes into bloodstream), but food is broken down in your digestive system and tastes don't pass into the blood stream. Can someone explain this to me?
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