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The First Years bottles - can you get teats? Lock Rss


I bought the manual First Years breast pump from Big W and it comes with 2 bottles and one teat. I'm pretty sure the teat would just be the slowest flow rate and I'm trying to find new ones but can't figure out which ones to buy. I can't find First Years teats anywhere and can't figure out which other brand would fit the bottle.

Can anyone help?


Just bumping my thread as have had no replies

I typed it in google and it came up with the toysrus website but it was the American one and I'm searching the aus one but I guess mybe you could call toysrus in th morning to see if they stock them.

I hope this helps
Thanks for replying, yeah I tried google as well but I got the same as you. I might try Toys R Us anyway.

Are they the really wide fat teats? If they are, you can probably get them from Dimmeys. I got a couple of disney bottles that I think are that brand when my bub was little, and I noticed recently that they still have some of the teats at Dimmeys.

Yes, just looked at the link above, and they look the same (without the insert thingy in the teat, don't understand what that is??)
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