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formula for 6mth olds Lock Rss

DD is now 6mths old and I have seen the formulas that market 6mths + but have heard that is just a marketing gimic to rake in more money from us mums. Does anyone know if it is true or if I should put her onto it? Is there any difference?
apparantly, it has a different taste, which your bub may prefer. i was told that babies can stay on the 'step 1' formulas until they are ready for cows milk. i think the next stage up has more nutrients, but if your bub is eating, they will be getting extra nutrients from food. sorry im not more help

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hi dark and stormy,
i put ds on the next stage only because i couldnt get his formula he woz on at the time.the nxt wk wen i went to c the chn she said it is fine to stay on the one they r on u dont have to change but because i already did and ds took to it fine i woznt game to change back again if u know wot imean coz i had to change to a whole different yes it is fine to stay with wot u r doing.
I'm not sure what the difference is but they haven't been around for many years. As there is no price difference to the one's marked from birth (which are still fine for 12months) I don't see why it would be to make more money out of us, I think it's great that they are putting more thought into making more progressive formulas.

As for the todddler formula's well I got sucked in with #1 bub but will just be going straight on to cows milk this time and sticking to our normal healthy diet!! (the toddler formula deffinately tastes more like cows milk - I'm not sure about the taste difference b/w 1st and 2nd stage formula?)


I FF my 1st with the step 1 until 11mths as MCHN said step 2 is very filling and if the solids was ok then stick with step 1

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