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Where's my milk gone?? Lock Rss

My little one is now 3 1/2 months old, and my milk seems to be disappearing! Every couple of days I give him a bottle of formula instead of a breastfeed, and express the breast to check on my quantity - this morning I was only able to output 40 ml!! (A few weeks ago I was able to express 150ml at a time).

I've been pumping after every breastfeed to try and get things going again, but its not helping - supplies are just getting lower and lower. My diet hasn't changed at all, nor have my activity levels.

I am taking breastfeeding vitamins - is there anything else I can do to up production, or is it just time to wean?
I'm wondering if that after 3 months your body is just adjusting the milk to suit bubs needs. I found around then things really settled down, I wasn't getting engorged or leaking constantly etc.

Do you BF bubs at set times (approx)? I found that as long as I was in a balanced routine, that there was enough milk, apart from growth spurts when DD would be feeding what seemed 24-7.

Just trying to think outside the box here. Are you ready to wean? I hope you don't feel bad about if if you do, it really is YOUR decision to make.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi, my son is 4mths old and I used to be able to express alot too now am down to 50mls. I spoke with a breast feeding counsellor and she said that generally we will never beable to get alot expressing as baby is much better at getting the milk out than we are, if you are worried about supply and don't want to you can see your dr about some tablets to increase supply or try a natural herb called fernugreek. Hope this helps

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