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Just curious... Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

My little man is 5 weeks old, BF and FF, and if held anywhere near a boob when he's hungry will bob his little head around and lunge for it and try to latch on (he's even tried his daddy's!) If he's upright on my chest he'll dive to the closest one and if I wasn't holding him would end up on the floor!

Just wondering whether bottle fed babies still do this or whether they stop because that's not where their food comes from?

Hehehe thanks for the giggle, i had completely forgotten about their wobbly little heads searching for and diving in for some boob smile Not sure about the formula fed bubbas
I stopped BF at 2 wks and I think after my milk dried up completely bub stopped searching. Made me feel terrible when I know she could still smell my milk. If you're still BF and have milk, bub will probably still do it

my bub is 3 months i BF for 1 week. and he still quite often does the booby dance, but i think that may be more the way i hold him whilst feeding he really likes to be nuzzled in so the bottle teat is where my nipple would (make sense?) if i was BF kinda makes it hard to get a 250ml bottle in there lol but its the only way he'll feed

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