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How many breast feeds? Lock Rss

hey ladies,

Just a quick question. My DD is 10.5 months and is breast fed and also has solids. Her BF pattern is as follows; 4am, 7pm, 1am. So she is having 3 feeds in 24hrs and sometimes she will have a BF at 7am though in the past week she has been pushing me away, which she also does in the day if i attempt to feed her. So my question is as she is pushing me away is this the start of self weening as she is still feed on demand though she seems to be wanting it less and less. How often do your BF babies feed at this age?
Hi smile Im also BF my DD2 (10 months) At the moment she has 3, sometimes 4 feeds a day with 3 solid feeds. She's been pushing me away abit but i think with her its her teeth bothering her. She has her first feed at 8am, second feed at 12ish, third feed at 6pm. Sometimes she wants a feed at 4pm, & then i'll give her a fourth feed at 7 pm smile

Ive heard at this age some bubs only having one feed a day (which is apparently fine) and some bubs still have 6-8 feeds a day. So any ammount is fine.

Id just keep offering the breast. If she doesnt want it, then she probably doesnt need it smile
Hi there,

I have demand bf 2 kids over the last 4 years 2 months non stop. I have found that it changes quite dramatically. One month they might only drink 2/3 times a day then they will go for a while of having 6 feeds. I found it changes a lot with weather, teething, tiredness, growth spurts, development etc. I would just offer it and if she doesn't want it no worries. Now that I think about it....I don't normally offer it, they would just come to me and let me know!
It sounds like her breastfeeding is a comfort thing as she's only needing it during the night. and pushing u away during the day

As long as u are providing nutritional meals during the day they dont need breastmilk. I'd be trying to get rid of those night time feeds tho.

Dont know ur routine but i'd try to do that 7pm feed a tad later and hopefully that will make the other night feeds later. and if the 4am feed gets late enough she can just wake in the morning and have breakfast. and slowly wean her off. it'll take a few months.


Kiddi <3

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