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3 month old breast fed baby Lock Rss

Ok so I know all babies are different but I was wondering when your baby went from 3 hour to four hour feeds. (fully breast fed baby) my 3 month old is on 3 hour feeds with the occasional 4 hour feed. Should she be feeding every four hours by now. I am feeding her till she is full everytime swell... Just curious what other three mOnth old babies are doing
hi assuming this is your first baby, don't worry about it just feed when she is hungry every three hours or so.... don't watch the clock she will know when she is.

By the way my 10month old still feeds every 3 hours day and night!
Hi, I'm demand feeding my 3 month old and find he's hungry every 1-3 hours during the day and has one 5-6 hour sleep at night and goes 2.5-3 hourly the rest of the night. He's still having 8-12 feeds a day, no way he could last 4 hours!
As said in pp if you are demand feeding just go with what your bub wants she'll let you know! lol. My DS is 10 months this week and sometimes wants 3 hourly b/f still even though he has 3 solid meals a day plus an morning tea and afternoon tea snack. Also, keep in mind since your bub is 3 months you probably want to keep feeding 3 hourly to keep your supply up because in 3-4 weeks when your little girl hits her '4 month' growth spurt you going to want the milk to be there! lol. smile Good luck.
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