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Question about Breast Milk Lock Rss

Hmm how long does it take something you've eaten to go into the breast milk and how long til it goes out??
My understanding is that it's different for everyone. May have something to do with matabolisms and stuff. But usually if you eat something it can take anywhere up to 12-24 hours to come through to the milk. However my Dr said that when I stopped giving night time breast feeds and I was sick that it was ok to take a polaramine at 10pm and it would have been out of my system by 8am. But maybe pills and food are different?

I don't think I've been helpful here at all! laugh
It really depends what you're eating and your weight/build. Things like e.g. some medications take about 20-30min to reach their peak serum levels, so I'd say it would be the same for breast milk. How fast they're cleared depends on their half-life. Alcohol enters your milk about 30-60 min from the time you start drinking. One standard drink of alcohol takes 2 hrs to be cleared from breast milk.
paed dr told me caffiene takes about 6 hours to enter BM
Thanks for the replies, smile wasnt sure so will make sure to feed before i have a drink, Id express but he hates bottles sad so im stuck at trying to work feeds around him lol..
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