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wont drink formula? Lock Rss

hi amazing mummys:) my little girl is 5months old-starting a few spoons of babyfood and has been breast only since birth.she absolutely refuses formula-will take a few mills of breast milk from a bottle but crys at the offer of formula.i need her to take formula as i teach dance some days and my mother looks after her-also i will soon be having scans for health issues and wont be able to breastfeed her for 12hour periods.i have been trying karicare but she hates it....any suggestions?thanks and blessings cool
Babies can take quite a while to adjust to formula - it tastes extremely different to breast milk.
Have you tried expressing & giving her that?

or, if you are wanting to wean her to formula full time, then you could try to express & mix some formual with breast milk, then increase the amount of formuala while decreasing the breast until it is all formula in the bottle.

Good luck
thankyou ill try the mixing idea:) sometimes i xpress but cant get enough for a full feed as she still feeds twice in the night zzzzz blink blink
i had trouble getting my bub to go from breast to bottle but a friend of mine told me about nan formula, breast milk tastes much sweeter than most formulas. but nan formula is sweeter than most others, i also had trouble getting him to take to the bottle even with expressed milk cos it's so different than breast feeding. try doing exactly what u do when ur breast feeding. I had to sit in bed of a night, and take my top off so he could feel my skin, i pretty much tricked him into having a bottle!!!

Kiddi <3

What bottles etc are you using? When we weaned we used the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles... much like boobies smile

DD wouln't drink from anything else!! We also did the half n half thing!! Worked a treat!!
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