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Dropping a bottle?? Lock Rss

For the past 2 weeks my DD, 3.5 months has been drinking around 220ml a bottle (apart from dream feed and night bottle is she wakes).

Shes drinking 4 bottles or 220ml's, one of 120ml and maybe one 160ml if she wakes up.

The past few days theres one bottle a day she just doesnt want, last night was her dinner bottle, today her afternoon one

Do u think I should drop a bottle, is she too younge??

What was ur 3.5/4m old drinking??

Thanks smile
No don't drop a bottle, offer it if she doesnt' want it thats ok, try for every 3 hours thats what most of our babies at our pre school do..
DS2 is the same age and he has 5-6 bottles a day there are 180ml. There is times when he doesnt want a bottle but thats cool i just let it go.
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