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how long did you breast feed for?? Lock Rss

hey i was wondering how long people usually breastfeed for i'm kinda going off the other thread how old is to old??
what is the average??

at the moment i am breast feeding and ds is almost 13 months and i have tried weaning but he wouldn't so i'll try again later smile

so thanks for replying smile
I breastfed DS for 15mths, DD1 for 12.5mths and DD2 for 16mths.

I don't know what the "average" would be. Before coming on Huggies, I felt like I was a bit weird for feeding my son for longer than 12mths as everyone that I know haven't fed past the 9mth mark. One friend gave up at 6mths only because she got her period back huh, when I told her that she could keep going even with her period she just asked why.
the longest i did was for 17mths only because i got preg and he was feeding every hour overnight and two hourly in the day.. i got sooo tired..

ds1 self weaned at 9mths - went back to work full time and he decided he didn't want me anymore
ds2 was 17mths - went cold turkey when he had vomiting
ds3 i weaned at 12mths as i went back to work and he refused a bottle - he went in daycare so didn't get any in the day and had to sort of force him out of the morning and night feeds
dd is 12wks and still feeding.. will stop about 18mths if i can smile

With DD I let her self wean (didn't offer, waited until she "asked" from about 15 months onwards) and she stopped on her own at 19 months.

DS is still going strong with bf. He'll normally have 3 feeds through the day and night times depend on if he's sick or not. If he's well he can sleep through but he gets a lot of ear infections and he'll feed up to 6 times through the night to help with the pain from them. We're trying to get grommets for him but he keeps getting sick just before he's scheduled for the operation so then we have to reschedule. I plan to let him self wean but might reconsider that once he's 2+.

Wow I'm jealous of you guys.

With Dd1 I lasted 5 months and DD2 is 4 months and I'm down to 2 feeds a day the rest formula. I'm heartbroken, I wanted her to feed longer but it obviously was possible. For me both times it went downhill just after 3 months, and then growth spurts happened and my body couldn't keep up.

I wanted to go longer but both my bubbas didn't agree. If I can keep doing at least one feed a day for a few more months I'll be estatic!

I've tried feeding every two hours to increase supply but neither would feed properly. Grr independent girls!!
I do the self weaning thing here too. My first fed right up until the night of dd2s birth. She was having 6-8 feeds a day and then went to asking every now and then. She was 2.5 and still having the occasional drink in the 3's. It was amazing. It wasn't like she stopped drinking because it tasted different. She didn't even ask. I was ready to tandem feed and the most we ever said was that she would need to share the milk with the baby, but she was just much more concerned that bubs was drinking. She would try and help her latch on and say open your mouth wide baby. It was amazing and beautiful.

dd2 is 20 months and still going
2 years 2 months and still going strong! My second would never take a bottle and has never wanted to wean. I still feed her twice a day. Will give it up sometime by the end of the year I think but I'm not too worried. Definitely by 3 (mind you I said definitely by 2!)
DS I fed until 8 months, then had to wean when I went back to work.
DD1 I fed until 5 months, then due to some illness my milk dried up so onto formula we went.
Still feeding DD2 at 9 months - yay. I haven't planned when to stop, will just see how we go as she gets older. I am glad I don't have the pressure of heading back to work to affect my decision. Am really enjoying being SAHM at the moment smile

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

I was aiming for 12 months but went to 13 months instead.

I went back to work full-time when DD was 10.5 months so formula fed during the day from then on, but still BFed for three feeds a day (7:00am, 7:00pm and 11:00pm).

The 11:00pm feed stopped very soon after this - she was obviously so tired from daycare that she was sleeping right through.

Then at 12 months, since that was when I had planned to stop, I cut out the 7:00am feed. I planned to cut out the 7:00pm feed immediately after this but it ended up being right on 13 months (to the day) that we gave it up.
DD1 i exclusively BF for 7 weeks, then combined BF with Formula up until 12-13 weeks then stopped BF because i had cracked nipples & nipple thrush so bad they just werent healing!

DD2 Ive BF for a year so far. We've had a few hurdles throughout this time but have overcome them. Would like to stop in the next few months, but we'll see how it goes. Mostly i just wanted to get through the winter months, or the worst of the flu season so she had some extra protection.
DS1 was exclusively for only 4 weeks, mix fed from then, due to some shi**y advice, until he prematurely weaned from bf at 9 months.

DS2 was ebf for 7 months, self weaned at 18.5 months, though would have carried on feeding him had he wanted to.

I BF DD1 for 18 months
DD2 for 23ish months and
DS for 24 months,

So between them I have almost done 6years of BF grin
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