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Hi all
my almost 3week old daughter is fully breastfed and had recently been spilling more and more of her feed each time over the last few days to the point she now throws up about 3/4 of it

I'm wondering if anyone has some tried and true remedys for helping to relive it a little

I'm using gripe water which helps settle her wind but dosent stop her being sick
I wind her lots during each feed as my flow is quite fast and often gives her trouble trying to swallow it all
and am trying smaller feeds more often
she dosent seem to have such an issue with it at night ( god only knows why ) but least she gets some in her and keeps it down thankfully

Any ideas appreciated thanks

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Infants friend is natural, made in AUS. Available from chemists.
You may find it settles as she gets bigger and is able to cope with the fast flow better. Have you tried lying down to feed or sitting back to slow the flow initially then sit more upright as the feed goes on (to make sure the ducts in the breast do empty properly)? This may or may not help.
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