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How much do you express for a feed? Lock Rss

Just wondering what volume you think I would need to express to feed a 3 month old?
I've only ever needed to express a bit of milk as back up before because I haven't been away from any of my bubs for more than a couple of hours when they have been little, but will need to express enough to cover a whole day in a couple of weeks time. I have no idea how much milk I should be leaving with bub.
Any suggestions would be great.
As a rough guide for a 24hr period 150 x by bubs weight divided by number of feeds per day.
I would probably have a little extra as a back up. Hope that helps

I would try for about 150-200ml per feed just to be safe. Every bub is different. Also get bub used to the bottle b4 the day so u wont have the problem of bub refusing to feed. This will also give u an idea of how much u will need smile
I used this calculator as a guide. There are also some other pumping/feeding ebm links here.

Something to bear in mind though...your baby is not likely to be taking the same amount at every feed, so if you leave say 250ml in a bottle and they only drink 100ml then that's milk that is potentially wasted. Personally I worked on the less is more theory. <span class="emoticon laugh">laugh</span> So I stored/offered ebm in 90ml units, because that's roughly what he would take, BUT I'd leave smaller ones as well so if he needed a 'top-up' or wanted a 'snack' then it was available and I wasn't potentially wasting heaps of milk that was at times very hard to get.

We left DS2 when he was 4 months old for about 18 hours so we could see Bon Jovi in another town; he was fine and had only had 2 bottles before that day.

Thanks guys. You are awesome. I think I will put it in smaller amounts so there is less wastage too. Excellent advice. smile
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