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Breast pumps Lock Rss

I initially bought the avent electric pump even before my milk had fully come in. It was good for a while (but a bit tricky to use). Was getting good volumes, then i feel it started to effect my supply. And all of a sudden my supply started to dry up. So went onto motilium & hired a pump (medela symphony)for both babies which was great. If i knew i was going to have more than 1 child, i probably would have bought something else. Hiring for about 10 weeks per child ended up being pretty expensive.
Don't know anything about the swing though.

I know others have suggested hiring to try out different pumps to figure out what you want to buy, just wanted to let you know that this probably isn't practical.

The pumps you can hire are hospital grade. They cost upwards of $3000 to purchase, which is why they are so expensive to hire compared to buying one that is for personal use. They are so expensive because they are designed to be used 8-12 times a day, every day for years. If you used a personal pump in this way (with the exception of something like the medela freestyle, which costs around $680) it would burn out within 12 months.

It is not possible to hire personal use pumps, as they are not sealed internally like hospital pumps are, meaning that there is a small risk of your milk coming into contact with someone elses milk. There is no risk of this with hospital grade pumps.
Even though the chances of anything bad happening if your milk came into contact with someone elses are very very very close to zero, it is not possible for pump hirers to get insurance on personal grade pumps for this reason.

It really depends why you are expressing as to which pump is best!

Hope that helps.
The only thing I can suggest is asking around if you have any friends who have a pump you can try

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