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breast feeding and mothers weight loss Lock Rss

Ok so don't shoot me, this is a serious post. I just keep losing weight when I bf. It happened with DD1, and took years to get up to a healthy weight again. DD2 is 7 months now, and I'm down to about a size 8. My ideal weight is about a size 10 - 12. I don't want to stop feeding, but don't want to lose anymore weight either. Besides I can't afford a new wardrobe wink
I eat really well,don't really exercise other than running around after my cherubs. Anyone else have this happen, or any ideas on how to stop the weight loss and keep feeding?

I would get checked by a Dr, just to be on the safe side, as I know thyroid problems can come up after pregnancy and cause weight loss, as can a deficiency of some vitamins (eg- B12) as this is what happened to me.

Otherwise, look at more ways of working calories into your diet- healthy snacks like nuts, seeds and avocado, maybe try getting plenty of good fats and protein. I've heard protein drinks like Sustagen can be useful. Otherwise, just go mad on chocolate and ice cream wink

Good luck with it, it's frustrating, but hopefully temporary smile
Hey, i'm in the same boat the point where at my daughter's baptism people were telling me that they were worried about me-umm thanks!! My lowest I got to a size 6 (usually a 10/12 pre baby) and am now up to a 8/9 and am down to just 1 feed. I got to a point where I literally had no clothese to wear as they were falling off-even my leggings/tights! and like you know that once I stop feeding some of it (i'm hoping not all of it) will come back on so dont want to splash out lots of money that we dont have buying a new wardrobe. I was also on a dairy/soy free diet due to my DD's allergies/intollerances so I've been told this also leads to a massive weight loss so i'm not sure 100% if it was the breast feeding or this dairy free diet that lead to my dramatic weight loss. So yep not the only one...also all the mum's in my mothers group that are breast feeding are at a lower weight than pre-baby so I think thats quite a good indicator its the breast feeding smile
Thanks for the reassurance. Mish77 -Might be worth a trip to the doctor. I hadn't thought of that actually. I won't be able to run around after my 2 littlies under 2 if I lose too much more.
GLWCHW glad to know I'm not the only one. It's difficult to talk to people about it, they think you're just fishing for compliments. I have nothing left to wear either.
I'm on a gluten free diet, so I've been wondering if that effects things too. I do want to keep feeding though. I might try the sustagen, chocolate shakes sound good!
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